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The boy she is seeing is Jiang Zhuoning.

Who is Jiang Zhuoning? In their high school, he is the most clean and self-sustaining boy, teacher and student. In his eyes, he is self-disciplined and outstanding. It feels as if a saussurea involucrata at the top of the mountain can’t stand a little pollution and blasphemy. She was confident, but she didn’t get up …


The blade has a mysterious moire.

Those moire patterns are the unique array of flying sword engraving. It is with these formations that the flying sword can change its size at will and become indestructible and sharp. Chen Yan said, "The quality of my sword is not bad, but the toughness and sharpness of my sword can’t keep up with my …


Mark stretched out his hand and smiled, looking at his face getting paler and paler. Franklin said, "Congratulations, Daniel, the director of Washington, DC. The Ministry of Justice has sent someone here. Maybe you can explain to the people there what you want to do to upgrade that damn island bastard to A-level …"

Franklin moved his mouth and seemed to think of something. He looked around and said, "Where’s Brown!" " "Agent Crowe, the supervisor, asked for leave yesterday!" A local agent faltered and said, "You approved …" Mark looked at Franklin with a more beautiful smile and said, "Yes, I’m more and more curious now. What are …


The millipede dies without being stiff.

Even if you see that Su Mo is exhausted, this person can’t hide in the distance and condense a spiritual light. Surging spirit force condensed a spirit force palm mercilessly toward Sue ink fan in the past. Boom The palm of one’s hand prevents Su Mo from being patted heavily. Sue ink stuffy hum a …


"Big king, what did you say! ?”

The Great Sage Moko angrily looked at Huahua. "You have succeeded in reincarnation. It was my Buddhist miracle that verified the fruit of the Great Buddha Amitabha. Now you really don’t know the poor monk?" Have you forgotten the scene where we talked about Taoism by Ayu Lake five thousand years ago? ?” Lu Chen’s …

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Wang Bo named him and Lu Xiaoxiao ‘er Wang Teng, which made Lu Chen whisper for a long time. Wang Boshen didn’t know what the name Wang Teng meant to the top of Wudi Palace when he was young, and no one told him.

It’s not good for Lu Chen to have a name, and it’s hard for people to change it. Anyway, Wang Tengshen doesn’t sound bad, but it’s not very auspicious Wang Bo is also an old man who loves Wang Teng very much. At the age of three, he will personally seal it with his high-level …