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Xin Yao saw Jun Chen like a mouse saw rice, and jumped into his arms with one foot. Jun Chen smiled and hugged her, held her palm and smiled, "It’s hard to love Princess."

Xin Yao looked up and smiled and poked Jun Chen’s jaw. "You’re welcome, Emperor!" "cure too much!" Xin Yao here is still flirting with Jun Chen, and Mu Junze has rushed out of the Fengzao Palace with Qin Taifei on fire. Xin Yao had a headache and scratched his face. "Is your hand too hard?" …


Nai Nai ya cooks delicious! In the form, it evokes her cravings and makes her want to move chopsticks when she sees the food on the table.

Alas! Hard luck! Baby, your mother, I’m really unlucky, okay? Huangfuyi said that after eating a half full, put the dishes and chopsticks, take Mo Qing’s handkerchief, wipe the root of the corners of the mouth, and there is no oil stain. Get up and hold out your hand toward Liancheng. "Let’s go, I’ll help …