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"… what’s coming back …"

Yahiko was almost too weak to open his eyes, but the shock and anger from the source of life still supported him to lose consciousness. "How could we lose you …" Answer him that Nagato has a hoarse voice and more words are covered up by continuous shouting and killing … Yahiko closed his eyes …


The two emperors and san huang women looked at each other. "Sister Huang is very pleased to see you in a sick palace. The palace has always been worried that you will not survive this robbery."

Inviting the moon to bow its head and sneer, "Second Imperial Sister wants to thank you!" "Thank me?" The second emperor’s daughter was one leng and immediately remembered the day when she found out that she was invited to the moon and begged herself not to say anything. She still told the queen. "Yes, if …


Phoenix shadow ink slowly approached the black eyes and fell on her face. The lip angle smiled deeper. "Well, it’s good. It’s a bit like my hostess in Phoenix House."

At night, my eyelids moved slightly coldly and sneered, "That’s because I’m not coming back to see that there are not many things left in the day, so I have to move first if I want to do a lot. I don’t want the Japanese emperor to be dissatisfied with all the people in the …