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The team’s single response soon turned into a big tree shock and threw it to the tower at the same time. "oh, no" When Nall brought the big tree to the tower, Changshan Zhao Long knew that the situation was tragic Because at this time, the Batman attacked the tree for the first time before …


Qin Dao is like a shura god of war. His body is spinning wildly. Fiona Fang’s tens of meters range is covered by his sword. The strong firm but gentle wind brings up the roaring Gangfeng and rolls up a piece of yellow sand. Then it instantly condenses into ice, just like a bullet hitting Li Feiyang.

Li Feiyang is in Qin Daojian’s potential, and he has learned that Bai Man blade master is terrible. In Wei Jing Ghost’s account, Qin Dao’s strength has been estimated as much as possible, but he obviously didn’t expect that Qin Dao’s strength has reached such a point that Li Feiyang was only deeply impressed in …


"The murderous madman organization, the Rio Tinto family, is really a loss that they can get together." Forget the dust and smile. The coffin is a special organization for killing fun, and all of them are ruthless and terrible.

"Hey, what about the White House?" It’s unreasonable to see that the family has finished talking but there is no White House. It can’t be said that the White House has Bai Shura, so it doesn’t need foreign aid. Bai Shura is really awesome, but his age is still not up to which level. "White …