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They just handed over Lulu’s big move and directly released the control for the fisherman. At the same time, a giant fisherman appeared in the wild harvest. After taking Wei Lusi and Qinnv, the limit was close to the second floor, and the fisherman was unstoppable.

Only vagrants and crocodiles can’t bear the beating of five people. This time, the first hand was too sudden, and the shaper was directly bombed without any precautions. The little mermaid really led the team to victory. Gansu instant mass extinction makes people have no reaction to come over. It seems that the little fisherman …


Hongyun flew up to the ground again without even leaving the word bone residue. Those monster beasts and beasts are like blood on the ground because they disappeared. There was a massacre here.

In front of this scene, the herd is more frightened, and the running speed is not accelerated for a few minutes. However, their speed is not as good as that of Hongyun. Buzzing— At close range, you can see that these red clouds are all composed of a very large flaming flying ant about the …



The team’s single response soon turned into a big tree shock and threw it to the tower at the same time. "oh, no" When Nall brought the big tree to the tower, Changshan Zhao Long knew that the situation was tragic Because at this time, the Batman attacked the tree for the first time before …


At this time, Long Xiaotian didn’t notice that Zixiang sucked a finger after eating all the roasted rabbits and said with some regret, "No?" Then he put a dust spell on himself, and all the shine disappeared, and he became the dragon genius again.

Then he asked Meng Qidao, "Is that her?" To tell the truth, Long Xiaotian didn’t expect to be this girl. How could it be her? Long Xiaotian frowned. Meng Qi naturally doesn’t know what Long Xiaotian thinks, but he said with a smile, "It’s her. Now I’m finished and I’ll give it to you." After …


Qin Dao is like a shura god of war. His body is spinning wildly. Fiona Fang’s tens of meters range is covered by his sword. The strong firm but gentle wind brings up the roaring Gangfeng and rolls up a piece of yellow sand. Then it instantly condenses into ice, just like a bullet hitting Li Feiyang.

Li Feiyang is in Qin Daojian’s potential, and he has learned that Bai Man blade master is terrible. In Wei Jing Ghost’s account, Qin Dao’s strength has been estimated as much as possible, but he obviously didn’t expect that Qin Dao’s strength has reached such a point that Li Feiyang was only deeply impressed in …


"… what’s coming back …"

Yahiko was almost too weak to open his eyes, but the shock and anger from the source of life still supported him to lose consciousness. "How could we lose you …" Answer him that Nagato has a hoarse voice and more words are covered up by continuous shouting and killing … Yahiko closed his eyes …


"The murderous madman organization, the Rio Tinto family, is really a loss that they can get together." Forget the dust and smile. The coffin is a special organization for killing fun, and all of them are ruthless and terrible.

"Hey, what about the White House?" It’s unreasonable to see that the family has finished talking but there is no White House. It can’t be said that the White House has Bai Shura, so it doesn’t need foreign aid. Bai Shura is really awesome, but his age is still not up to which level. "White …