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Chapter 453 Fight Gu Wu’s heart to ignite awe-inspiring spirit.

Councillor Farr also wants to explain that with a wave of his hand, Chen Yan’s hand suddenly turned into a bad wind. Councillor Dafarr and Li Yao seem to feel that the whole world has been turned upside down, which makes them feel in a trance and chest tightness rather than vomiting.
Chen Yan’s blow is not only powerful, but also powerful. It is even more unbearable if Senator Farr can not resist Li Yao and their ares fighters.
Well, Yan Yan didn’t hurt. The killer knocked them back.
Senator Farr turned pale and shouted, "Back off!"
Senator Farr, Li Yao and others are thousands of meters away when they retreat. They look at Ulrich with fear and fear in their eyes.
Chen Yanshi is too strong.
The roots are not equal to those of ordinary members of parliament.
Whether it is Confucian classics or Buddhist classics, it is said that people should follow the rules wherever they go.
Taoism is the first to emphasize Taoism and nature.
Chen Yan Huaxia is of course gentle and very modest when he gets along with his compatriots.
But westerners think differently. They just have the robber gene in their bones.
If it’s good, they want to grab it.
When westerners immigrated to the North American continent, they massacred Indians and established America.
At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the allied forces invaded China and robbed all the good things in China.
It can be seen that their bones are waiting for blood.
Dealing with Senator Farr requires western thinking.
Since Congressman Farr and them thought the looting was reasonable, then Chen Yan robbed the Ministry of Vegetation and Spirit of the Australian mainland and left nothing to Congressman Farr and them.
What’s more, Yan Yan robbed the vegetation spirit not for his own selfish desires, but for the whole Chinese nation
It is a matter of conscience to rob Chen Yan.
Chen Yan calmly glanced at Senator Farr, who was thousands of meters away, and then said to Hong, "Do you agree with the owner of Hong Pavilion? Give a happy speech. "
Hong said, "Mr. Chen, you are strong enough to make me respect Mo Yunteng. I am determined to win the Australian mainland. He can take 60% of the plants and spirits of China. Mr. Chen is a master of Chinese culture. He must have studied the Book of Changes and know that the benefits cannot be exhausted."
Liuhe and iceberg were shocked.
The owner of the museum is the strongest on earth and has always been uncompromising.
But this time in the face of Mr. Chen, the owner actually chose to give in.
It was Luo Feng who first discovered the spirit of vegetation in the Australian mainland. It is reasonable to say that the department belongs to the limit and the martial arts school gave China a 60% share. What is it?
Arihiko looked at the distance as if lost in memories.
Chen Yan sighed and said, "In the pre-Qin era, the old man in Zou Yan was in peace, and the Chinese people kept running around him. The initial heart of the Chinese people’s well-being has never changed. Chen Mou has to understand the sincerity and take the sage road. It can be said that the old man in Zou Yan is Chen Mou’s role model, and Chen Mou has suffered some losses himself. The so-called Chinese Chen Mou must fight for every cent!"
"If the owner of the Hong Pavilion agrees to Chen Mou’s request to take Moyun Teng away from the Australian mainland, we will all be happy and will not hurt the peace, but if the owner of the Hong Pavilion wants Moyun Teng and wants to play tricks on him, then you can step on me."
When the spiritual realm reaches the level of Yan Yan, once things are decided, they will never change easily.
Hong sensed that Ulrich was too determined to shake.
Hong nodded and said, "Mr. Chen has a point. I can understand China’s intransigence, but there is also a limit behind me. Mr. Chen’s 60% is my bottom line."
Chen Yan said, "Let’s fight. We are all martial arts practitioners, and we will decide who wins the grass spirit."
Hong said "good"
Chen Yan said to Zhu Xi behind him, "Mr. Zhu, you keep an eye on Mr. Farr. They don’t want them to take the opportunity to rob the vegetation spirit when I fight with the owner of the Hong Pavilion."
Zhu Xi’s eyes flashed a trace of concern and nodded, "Good Mr. Chen, you should be careful." Then Zhu Xi retreated into the distance.
Hong said to Liuhe, Iceberg and Luo Feng behind him, "All three of you should back off. Remember that you should not make a move before Mr. Chen and I have a tie. Don’t rob the Australian mainland vegetation spirit or Mr. Chen will stop you."
Three people nodded back.
Hong is not the enemy of Chen Yan, nor is Chen Yan the enemy of Hong.
They are fighting for resources.
Both of them are very tacit, and they didn’t take out their weapons.
Hong and Alex are almost at the same time.
Hong doesn’t know what achievement method he has cultivated. The light around him seems to be distorted.
Hong is a killer. He pays attention to killing his opponent with one blow. His fighting style is very clean and simple. Most of Hong’s fighting skills are fighting skills. The first goal is to kill his opponent.
Chen Yan’s display is the ancient martial arts of Huaxia series. The ancient martial arts he displays have far-reaching artistic conception and are as beautiful as an ink painting with "Taoist rhyme"
However, the lethality of Chen Yangu’s martial arts is no worse than Hong’s fighting skill.
Hong swung his fist at Chen Yan’s temple.
Arihiko’s right hand cut to Hong’s wrist.
After fighting for several breaths, the two men collided head-on for the first time.
Chen Yanshen’s huge golden bell shadow is fleeting, while Hong Shen has a shining light.
Arihiko and Hong were all shocked by the huge anti-seismic force and retreated hundreds of meters respectively.
"Golden bell jar?" Hong asked
Arihiko nodded and said, "The golden bell of dragons and iron cloth shirts roars. What I just did was the golden bell of Huaxia Gu Wu."
Chen Yan took a virtual step forward. When his figure disappeared and reappeared, it was already in front of Hong.
Chen Yan’s speed is too fast, just like teleportation.
Chen Yan’s hand sounds like a eagle chirping sharply as he grabs the red neck with his claws.
Eagle claw fist!
Chen Yan’s claw presents a bluish-black fingertip with sharp vitality and sharp artistic conception. Even if Hong’s body defense is harder than diamond, if it is caught by this claw, it will definitely be torn to a large piece of flesh and blood.
Hong sidestepped and kicked it out at the same time, which was like a direct hit to the stomach of Yan Yan.
Chen Yan can avoid it
Eagle Claw Skill attack was resolved by flood.