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In this way, the temporary airport project was completed in a short time and with high quality. A German plane soon rumbled off from this flat and solid land.

When the first batch of reconnaissance planes approached the battlefield east of Biastoke, the German infantry were withdrawing from the Russian positions, and three Belarusian cavalry divisions were not far behind them. The pilots of the reconnaissance planes could not help but feel worried about their infantry brothers. They saw that the infantry still had …


If it weren’t for Stryker!

It is estimated that this situation will continue in the process of duet until one day in the future … People are mutants! According to Charles, mutants appear more and more frequently! Last year alone, the number of awakening gene variants was the sum of five years when Charles was young … Paused! Mark glanced …


"Rain column came to see you again?"

"They have been married for half a year, and Qinhuai Ru has never been pregnant. Yuzhu is a little worried." Ding Qiunan was cutting vegetables when the hand stopped and turned to look at her husband. "What did you tell him?" "How can you tell the truth?" "Did you tell him about Qinhuai Ruhuan?" "hmm?" …