And that man has become a little patriarch "to be continued.

Chapter 246 The secret of the psychic world (3)
"I wonder who that powerful human is?"
"You’ve all heard of him. Most of you know him!"
"He is the evil Nagi!"
"Who? How could it be him? Isn’t he a god ten thousand years ago? This is impossible! "
"That’s the fact that the king beast has been recuperating for ten thousand years! Nagi, the self-appointed deity, finally became the first pillar force. He ruled the whole territory, and the king and the beast also found the answer. What kind of orcs will be destroyed?
Finally, the evil Nagi died, and the king beast returned to the psychic world. After he returned to the psychic world, he summoned all the animals and issued an initial equality contract to them, telling all the animals not to go out of the human world unless someone concluded a contract with them. At the same time, he brought his own nine departments. This is the original origin of the nine orcs and the nine bijuu!
In order to monitor the nine orcs and prevent them from abusing their duties, he secretly arranged three immortals. Finally, he settled in Huaguoshan, which is the main reason why Huaguoshan is so sacred. The apes in the orcs have been stationed in Huaguoshan for a long time, and Huaguoshan has gradually become a sacred place in the hearts of all ethnic groups.
This is a brief history of the psychic world for 20 thousand years! Of course, there are many other history, such as what king and beast chose these nine orcs as bijuu? You know, there are three tails, four tails and even five tails. There are more orc psychic circles. What are these races?
There are also three fairy places where there have been rebellions. The most famous one is Longdi Cave, the guy who is dissatisfied with his ambition! This guy was born with a head and boasted that he looked down on the orcs, including the snake family who gave birth to him, and finally rebelled directly from Longdi Cave, which made a group of old things in Longdi Cave very embarrassed. Finally, they invited the man who concluded an equality treaty with them at that time. The man was also very well-connected. He was Susuo! "
"Isn’t this the myth of three expensive ones?"
"Well, he’s a real person. He cut off the gap directly by himself! And that snake blade is a blade of grass shovel! That sword becomes a snake nemesis! Later, the power of the sword in the middle was constantly reduced. Now it should not be so powerful, but snakes will still tremble when they see the sword over there! "
"I see. What did I say? Every time I use this sword, I feel a little palpitation. Is this the reason?"
Orochimaru directly spit out this level weapon and waved it twice in his hand.
"Well, don’t show off. Now you are activating the power of this sword and you will know the real power of this sword! Besides, how many things do you think you entered the village with a weapon? "
"Well, I almost forgot that the village is ahead. I’d better put it away."
"What’s the matter with the elder brother of the tree mau? Why did orochimaru’s predecessors take out their weapons? Is there any bandit without eyes? "
Xiao Li leaned over with Naruto, and several of his cockroaches formed a defensive formation.
"You see, it makes them all so nervous. Let’s speed up without telling you. Tell Naruto that they all move on without enemies!"
"Senior orochimaru, you did something wrong." Ah Kai actually molested orochimaru.
"Kay, you are jumping. Go back to our practice? Just that sword? "
"Well, I went to see my beloved brother." I know that Shu Mao stopped talking about Ah Kai and left directly. Obviously, I have some precautions against this sword. Who knows what unknown power the artifact had in those days? What if there’s another curse? Didn’t you become the ghost of a sword?
"Shu Maojun, since you know the history of this sword, do you know how to activate it?"
"I really don’t know this, but this sword also has a name called Tiancong Yunjian. I don’t know why it has such a name. I don’t have any memories. Maybe I didn’t read this book at that time, or Tiancong Yunjian’s data level was relatively high. My realistic ability is not enough to unseal those memories. When I unseal those memories, I will tell you if I have any."
"Don’t think too much about artifacts. If you are weak, in case of self-attack, then you can become a sorrowful device. Only when you are strong enough can you become the owner of that weapon!"
"The artifact will bite back?"
"The spirit is the spirit, that is to say, the weapon has its own soul. Do you want to let you recognize others? You have to resist, don’t you? Only when he truly surrenders to you will you admit that the master has a soul, and the same is true of weapons. If you want them to be ministers, you must surrender them, and those who fail become weapons.
Device refers to those who fail to drop weapons and are manipulated by weapons! In other words, it becomes a weapon, a puppet weapon will draw on that person’s strength to strengthen its own history. In the words of Yaodao Village, this is the weapon. His owner was sucked dry by him because of the law, and at the same time, he manipulated his own weapon and killed quite a few people. Those who were killed became his nutrients.
So if you encounter an artifact that day, don’t think about accepting it, but first think about whether you can get the artifact recognition, otherwise you will accidentally become the artifact puppet, and then the tragedy will not be a weapon, but you.
The device makes the eyes red and is not self-conscious! In other words, the weapon made his soul be swallowed up by the weapon spirit at that moment … "
"So it seems that this weapon is relatively safe without activation. I didn’t expect that I was wandering around with such dangerous things all day."
"You don’t worry about the artifact. If the soul is asleep, there is no special way to wake them up. If the artifact has its own owner, they will collect spiritual force, that is, natural energy, and give it to their own owner. If there is no owner with a device, then he will control the device to make the murderer collect the nutrients they need. The former is also called the spirit device, and the latter is also called the weapon!"
"The weapon is so come! It’s really an eye-opener. No wonder murder weapons are called murder weapons! "
"The human body has trace elements such as iron, which is what weapons need. The so-called pioneering reality is to let weapons see blood! How to see blood? Naturally, it is killing. Killing can be said to be a weapon. Of course, apart from the demon knife, I haven’t heard that he can kill himself with weapons! " to be continued
Chapter 247 Dinner (1)
In the evening, all the businessmen set up stalls in front of their own shops, and the bosses hung up lanterns, Ni lanterns and other advertising lights early, and put them on the street. In the past, ninjas who acted in a hurry slowed down today, and some people even went shopping on the street directly.
"Small arms today how so idle? Aren’t you going to be on duty? At ordinary times you this small but rarely come to my shop. "
"Ah, a happy uncle, don’t be ridiculous, ok? Am I not your regular customer? Hurry up and give me a bowl of barbecued pork. Help me add two poached eggs. I haven’t eaten for a long time. I miss barbecued pork. I must put more! "
"Don’t interrupt, you haven’t answered my words."
"Isn’t this the leader’s holiday today? He said that we have been very dedicated recently and rewarded us with going back to rest early. Just as my brother took the opportunity to accompany his girlfriend, I just took a bath myself and then came directly to your uncle’s side."
"Yes, but it seems that there are quite a few ninjas resting today! Not counting you, I have seen several waves of acquaintances coming to dinner. "
"Hi, I’m still uncle. What did you say? Except for the necessary patrol in the dark part, we have the Huoying office. Everyone else has gone to rest. Even a few people have been left on duty in the hospital. The leader said that today is Konoha’s big break. To be honest, I don’t really understand it, but the tone of the leader seems to be very bad."
"Well, I said, why am I a little busy tonight? It’s all because of the dead child calamus. She went to the dinner party herself and left me alone in the store."
"Sister Acorus went to the dinner party?"
"Well, three generations of adults held a dinner party. It should be very lively there tonight."
"Three generations of adults, if three generations of adults hold a dinner party, it must be quite something."
"Who says it’s not? Okay, you want barbecued pork noodles, please slow down!"
"Then I’m welcome!"
Xiaowu is a ninja at the bottom of Konoha. On this day, even those Konoha merchants who used to go back and forth noticed that Konoha was loose. It should not be said that Konoha suddenly became less serious. I felt that the business of those stalls was quite hot, including some entertainment stalls, and the income was also very good. You can see those free-acting ninjas everywhere on the street, and there are many dating couples who usually don’t go to the small bridge. Little Square is even a child. There are couples on those slides. It seems that Konoha ninjas have been on holiday for many days, and all the departments have come out to relax.
In fact, it is indeed true.
Because of the evening dinner, Gang Shou and the three generations decided to let go of all those ninja departments except the important positions and let them have a good rest. After a night, there may not be such a night, while Gang Shou held a dinner party behind the three generations.
Muyemaru is very happy that many people secretly worship ninjas to pay their respects for three generations today, and many people have brought some gifts. Of course, they are not important gifts. Some people have brought some special gifts for Muyemaru toys, which makes Muyemaru very happy.
The two minions of Muyemaru went home after school, but Muyemaru just took them to his room to unpack the gifts. The three kids came to the room from time to time, and a few people who knew the situation laughed. Some people thought that children were children, but he didn’t find that he was not much bigger than Muyemaru.
"Ha ha naruto you mean it? Who is not a child? You see, it’s been almost half an hour since you got here. Who is the child in aunt’s arms? Muyewan is just playing with a toy at most. You are still spoiled in your aunt’s arms and say that Muyewan is a child. What are you? " Teeth grow up directly and mouth taunts Naruto.
Naruto hated to itch when he heard the teeth. "Mom, don’t hang me, okay?" You see, your baby has been laughed at by your friends. "
"It’s okay, Naruto, let mom hug mom. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you. You don’t know that your father went out to perform and didn’t tell me. If it weren’t for Naruto’s adult telling me, I’m still stupid at home! And Shu Mao, the bad guy, actually took Watergate directly to execute it. You know, the former Watergate would tell me no matter how anxious he was. I didn’t expect Watergate to forget about Naruto directly after being with Shu Mao. Do you think mom was abandoned by your father? Or is there someone outside your dad Your mother is bitter in my heart! "
Nine Sinatra’s words don’t feel direct when the box is opened. Naruto has a bitter face here, but it also makes Naruto know what. Up to now, he can’t see his father and Shu Maoge. The two of them must be hiding from his mother.
"Mom dad how can someone outside? You think too much, it must be dad. They are in a hurry. You know that they went out this time to hunt down the enemy. If they were late, the enemy would have slipped away, and dad couldn’t help it. "
"Hum he help? Can’t someone let me know? "
"Didn’t he ask Lord Huo Ying to inform you?"
"Oh, that’s it. I said, how can Gang Shou’s adult come to our house? It’s true that she is so busy and still comes to my house. Did you or Watergate do something wrong? It scared me at that time. "
"But mom, can you stop pinching my face? My face is so hot! "
Jiu Sinai rubbed Naruto’s face while talking, and several kids kept laughing at Naruto’s face. I don’t know if it was rubbed red or laughed red. When Mao Mao came in, he felt that Naruto’s head was white smoke.
"Ah, I’m sorry mom didn’t notice, but it’s good that Shumao is here when the Lord comes!"