Fu Fengning changed his tune and said, "Are you curious about Uncle Fu’s father?"

Shen An raised his face and opened his eyes wide. "Curious!"
Fu Fengning smiled softly in his heart. "What’s curious?"
He knows Shen An too well, and there are few things that can interest Shen An. He is like an ostrich.
Fu Fengning, who was curious about things with him, admitted that this answer made him feel good.
Shen An small tunnel "because it is Uncle Fu’s father … Uncle Fu’s father must be very gentle to give birth to … Uncle Fu is such a gentle person …"
Fu Fengning looked at him with a smile and couldn’t help scratching his handsome nose. "What little guy refused to go near Uncle Fu when he first came? He was as scared as outsiders and lamented that Uncle Fu was a tyrant who abused workers and was a fierce executioner?"
Shen An’s ears are redder. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to look at Fu Fengning’s fingers. "It’s … it’s me …"
"Now so kua uncle fu is uncle fu’s name?"
"Is … the name …"
Fu Fengning laughed. "If Uncle Fu wants to entertain this … Uncle Fu’s father Shen An, will he be interested?"
"Entertainment …" Shen An parrots generally repeat it again.
Fu Fengning nodded. "After all, it is Uncle Fu’s father who wants Uncle Fu to accompany him to dinner. Uncle Fu must tell Ann, right?"
Shen Anyi wanted to feel very hard and nodded to him.
Fu Fengning studied Shen An’s face expression and made a judgment in real time. It is better to consider how to say a word. "Uncle Fu’s father will return to China in about half a month, and then I will arrange for him to stay with you … Well … Your" aunt "will live in a guest house in the manor. It is not a distance from our villa, but occasionally invite them to have dinner together. Will you feel pressured if you live with Uncle Fu in peace? Will you not like it? "
Shen An looked at Fu Fengning with wait for a while.
Fu Fengning’s lips touched Shen An’s head with a hook. "Uncle Fu knows that Ann won’t go then because of courtesy. On the first day when they come to the manor, Uncle Fu will meet them briefly with Ann and be free to move when Ann needs to say hello. Will Ann not like it?"
Fu Fengning didn’t cater to Fu Jianxin and Zhilan, but no matter how he didn’t kiss them in the mouth and how he expressed his attitude of "entertainment", he was still close in his heart.
Of course, my baby ega also wants to show off in front of her father and mother. Whether they like to take Shen An to meet their parents Fu Fengning or not, they will feel that a certain part of their lives has been completed.
But if Shen An doesn’t adapt to this and doesn’t like it, then Fu Fengning won’t force him to be just a desire/thought, and there is no need to take Shen An’s unhappiness as the exchange price.
Shen Anfa leng after his lips moved he was a little nervous "uncle fu … I … I … that occasion … really can take me …"
Fu Fengning gazed at Shen An for a moment and said softly, "Of course."
Shen An swallowed saliva, which was obviously very cramped, but his face looked expectant. When he was nervous, he stretched out his hand and pinched Fu Fengning’s skirts or sleeves.
I don’t know when I first pinched someone’s skirts, but he gradually got used to it and it became his conditioned reflex.
Shen An grabbed Fu Fengning’s hand and pulled it so hard that Fu Fengning looked at his scaly fingers along his strength.
Shen An in Fu Fengning appearance gentleman square core but peak sexually gaze licked his lips "I want to be with uncle Fu …"
Fu Fengning did have some accidents.
In fact, he also held thirty percent hope.
Fu Fengning touched Shen An’s hair. He asked the tunnel, "An An is so afraid of life. Why not this time?"
Shen An answer once again hit in Fu Fengning heart drum "beside uncle Fu … just … not afraid …"
Fu Fengning touched the soft hair on the top of his head. "Good … Then apply to the curator for a day off these two days. Uncle Fu will take you to customize some clothes and then buy some ready-made clothes at the mall."
Fu Fengning was reluctant to spend his money when he knew Nan Feng Shen Anping, so he never forced Shen An to accept his gifts.
All his gifts will be famous to make Shen An feel at ease.
For example, this time he has good reason: "If you stay with Uncle Fu in peace for so long, let Uncle Fu’s father know that Uncle Fu didn’t even give clothes to An Anding, he must think that I am not good for you."
There is nothing to say about this, so let Shen Anxin do it.
At Fu Fengning Shen An wringing his fingers, "But it should cost Uncle Fu a lot of money …"
Fu Fengning see Shen An answer to the heart glad he bent over and took Shen An face "forget in peace? What did Uncle Fu say? Uncle fu is in peace. "
Shen An just looked at Fu Fengning.
It’s not the first time he’s heard Fu Fengning say this. The first time, he didn’t quite understand the meaning in hindsight.
However, when many fans woke up, he opened his sleepy eyes and saw Fu Fengning looking at him with a smile, or with his eyes closed, Naba pressed against his hair … When he remembered that sentence again, he trembled like a tsunami in his heart.
He will suddenly realize what kind of flattery he has suffered
He will suddenly realize how much this top alpha like a beastmaster has given him, and he didn’t even dare to dream of spoiling it before.
Something different in his heart began to emerge, and he heard their budding sounds, but when he leaned over his heart and carefully screened and explored, he always caught the fog and white.
He still can’t figure out what those different things are.
When I heard this sentence from Fu Fengning again, something in Shen An’s heart was so full that it was about to overflow. His heart was beating too fast that he suddenly caught a little light tunnel in the flint "Uncle Fu …"
He wants to say that everything in peace is also Uncle Fu!
But in an instant, he clearly realized that everything he owned was not the same as everything Uncle Fu owned, not a dimension, not a world!
When the words came to his mouth, he braked the heavy words and swallowed them forcefully.
"Uncle Fu is here."
It’s another sentence that makes him feel safe.
Shen An doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. Suddenly, he really wants to accept Fu Fengning’s gift. He doesn’t care more. He squints at Fu Fengning and shows a very sweet smile. "Well … then I’ll ask for leave from the curator tomorrow … the day after tomorrow, I’ll go with Uncle Fu … to customize clothes!"
Fu Fengning looked at Shen An and smiled at that moment.
Shen An seldom laughs in his memory.
Smile without showing the tiger’s teeth, smile with curved eyebrows. One of the smiles that impressed him most about Shen An was that Bourne secretly took a photo of him.
Although the people in the photo are gorgeous, they lack the luster of eyes.
Shen An this relaxed smile to please the Fu Fengning Fu Fengning voice dumb even want to talk for a short time behind the light tunnel a sentence "good boy …"
Time flies by in a hurry
Ten days in Shen An’s concentrated study is just a snap of your fingers.
Fu Fengning has customized everything for him, such as suits, casual clothes, sportswear, etc. The customization party is also high-luxury, and the century-old family is not winning in speed, but in quality and style.
However, Shen An was selected as the ambassador of library activities, but the top ten selection of the country has arrived.
National Games-level activities not only came to China Central Television, Taiwan Culture Branch, but also to many local media, online media and major news media …
The venue is in Kyoto International Conference Hall.
Shen An could hardly sleep the night before attending the meeting. He was very anxious but very excited and looking forward to it.
Because the curator told him that at the meeting, not only will there be messengers who like reading other libraries like him, but also many readers will watch him on Taiwan and even capture their own small fans.
Shen An is not a vain person, but he was heartbroken when he heard that there would be his own little fans …
However, the thought that there will be questions to explain their favorite books, recommend books to everyone, and give them on-the-spot reading and assessment …