Phoenix shadow ink slowly approached the black eyes and fell on her face. The lip angle smiled deeper. "Well, it’s good. It’s a bit like my hostess in Phoenix House."

At night, my eyelids moved slightly coldly and sneered, "That’s because I’m not coming back to see that there are not many things left in the day, so I have to move first if I want to do a lot. I don’t want the Japanese emperor to be dissatisfied with all the people in the Phoenix House. I was hurt for no reason."
It’s also true to say what she said in the afternoon. After everyone left, she was still patrolling the ring square. After processing, she returned to Fengfu, Guofeng Yingmo, but she hasn’t come back yet.
Of course, she doesn’t care where he went and what he did.
She doesn’t really want to lie in bed and sleep, and she really doesn’t want to see what goes wrong with carp and cause unnecessary correction.
Just thinking about being pro-Japanese is not passive.
Let Han Xiang take two people to the insect fish market to buy koi fish, and then take a few people to clean the abandoned fish pond first. In addition, he arranged for someone to invite a carpenter to come and measure it to make a Longmen.
Carp yue longmen is just saying that there is no such thing in the world. Watching carp every year is just to let koi fish be tempted by fish food and swim in groups to do a good job in the Longmen. The viewers ask for good luck and comfort.
"Shine, but don’t you think I’m late?"
Phoenix shadow ink has come to the front of a few people hurriedly salute by his whisking stopped seeing the night away at the edge of the pool without extra trouble and pulled her back a step naturally like a spontaneous one.
Night from the sudden almost bumped into his arms will be his hand off the cold face, "chicken adults don’t think it’s too late? I woke up naturally when I slept, and then I went to the coffin shop in Ghost Street and stayed there for a long time. Why didn’t Lord Feng see me so late before the morning morning? "
Just now, it was said that the girl named Han Xiang is a maid of Feng Ying Mo, who has been following Feng Ying Mo for many years. Feng Ying Mo believes that Feng Ying Mo moved here from Ji Tai, and no one else brought two people. One is to follow Chang ‘an, and the other is Han Xiang, the servant of the squire.
Night away from know her whereabouts cold sweet will surely report to him show magnanimous or take the initiative to say it yourself.
It seems that she was so happy by her words that Feng Ying Mo actually laughed "Ha ha". "The early morning is naturally long gone, but I went to Bao Cuixuan again, thinking about you and me, and we got married in a hurry. None of them bought a pair of earrings, but now I see you and remember that you were married yesterday without earrings.
I haven’t seen you wear it either. "
Phoenix shadow ink said as she pulled out a delicate carved small box from the sleeve.
Inside the box, a pair of crescent-shaped white jade earrings are opened in Chen Zhe.
Bai Bi’s leisure, mellow color is a good jade at first glance, and the workmanship is extremely exquisite. The radians of the two crescent moons are the same, and the hole is very small, very small, covered with a plum blossom.
At night, the light from the eyes flashed slightly, but my heart had already "plopped" and jumped away. I don’t know if it was because I was given a gift by a man for the first time or because he said that she had never seen her wearing earrings.
How can you wear earrings if you want to dress up as a man? She once gave back the medicine and pierced her ears.
She never wears these things again.
The man is facing the sun and Kurome is reflecting colorful colors, which is like a night full of golden sand waves. Don’t blink, stretch out your hand and caress your ear beads. "When I was a child, I was afraid of pain and didn’t dare to get my ears pierced …"
"Nothing." The man smiled slightly, closed the affairs box, reached for her wrist and put the affairs box into her hand. "Pledges are generally treasured, so you don’t need to wear them."
In the end, she wrapped the back of her hand with her five fingers and grasped the small box in her palm. It seems that she can’t accept it if she doesn’t accept it.
The night is dazed, but the man has turned his eyes away to look at the busy people in the hot spring pool. "I didn’t expect Linger to know this carp viewing instrument before?"
Jump from the eyebrows at night
On New Year’s Eve, the people at the carp viewing square did not do this, which was exclusive to the imperial family.
She also attended twice with the Queen Mother.
Mind a moment then laughed "I which have the pleasure? But haven’t you eaten pork and seen pigs run? It’s all written in it. Are they all lies? "
She turned her eyes and asked Feng Ying Mo to be serious.
"It’s quite right." Phoenix Shadow Ink laughed. Phoenix eyes didn’t know where to look in the distance. From the perspective of night, I could see his handsome side face and lip angle arc.
The touch of the palm of your hand is so real, and the temperature of the palm of your hand is so real, but it is a little trance when you leave at night.
"Listen to the eldest brother said chicken before adults seem to hate him"
A man who is so disgusted with night departure, so sarcastic, and so attitude towards night spirits is a U-turn?
What’s the motive?
Phoenix shadow ink will fall in the distance and look back and look at her "I don’t like it now"
At night, when he was away from Zheng, his doubts became deeper. "Did my eldest brother offend Lord Feng?"
"No" men simply returned.
"Since there is no dislike?"
A man’s eyebrows pick, "Do you need a reason to hate someone as much as to like someone?"
At night, I shivered slightly from my eyes, but I didn’t intend to stop there. I continued to ask, "Since Lord Feng hates my eldest brother so much, why do you want to marry me and be so kind to me?"
The man smiled as if she had asked a funny question.
"You are you, your eldest brother is your eldest brother, and you are two people. What does it matter if I marry you and your eldest brother?"
"But he is my eldest brother after all. Of course I want to know why."
The night leaves without mercy.
This question has been bothering her for a long time. Since she can’t find out the identity of the night away, it’s rare today that she won’t stop until she gets an answer.
"The reason" is that the man looked up with his eyes down for a moment, and his thin lips were lazy and leisurely. The cat was long. "Well ~" took a while before he finally thought of turning his eyes to look at her. "If you really want to say a reason, it may be because he is a eunuch and you are a woman, because I don’t like men and women."
Night away from a white face.