The two emperors and san huang women looked at each other. "Sister Huang is very pleased to see you in a sick palace. The palace has always been worried that you will not survive this robbery."

Inviting the moon to bow its head and sneer, "Second Imperial Sister wants to thank you!"
"Thank me?" The second emperor’s daughter was one leng and immediately remembered the day when she found out that she was invited to the moon and begged herself not to say anything. She still told the queen.
"Yes, if it weren’t for your younger sister, you might not find a physician’s palace for the palace so soon." Inviting the moon smiled wickedly.
The second emperor’s daughter suddenly felt stupid. At that time, she had an impulse to let everyone know that Inviting Moon had a plague, which made her isolated, alienated and forgotten. This also gave her a chance to live. If she didn’t find a physician, Inviting Moon might have died long ago, and it would not be like this forever.
Looking at the invitation to the moon, the corners of the mouth sneered and laughed. The second emperor’s daughter invited the moon back to the palace this time, and it was bound to retaliate against herself.
"Elder Sister Huang’s welcome to the Palace is also too worried about your illness. The so-called disorder in the Palace is for fear that you will delay the best treatment." The second emperor’s daughter said grandiose.
Invite the moon to smile. "So, Sister Huang is very grateful to Sister Erhuang, and your kindness and kindness will be remembered in my heart."
When I invited the moon back to the garden, I smelled the fragrance "Sister Huang!" At the sight of inviting the moon in the dead of night, I was excited and shouted, "Are you back? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, and you’re not going to be able to stay for dinner! "
Invite the moon to smile. "Why can’t I come back after preparing such delicious dishes?"
In the dead of night, flames are jumping in his eyes. "Sister Huang, I also have to start cooking today. Wait a minute. You have to guess which one I am doing in the dead of night. As she spoke, she took the invitation to the moon and went to the pavilion, where she was already waiting for her.
"It’s really rich!" Invite the moon to sit down and grab chopsticks and put a piece of fish in the mouth. "I know this …" Invite the moon to smile mysteriously. Looking at the three people, I finally stopped to smile. "I made this!"
Practicing these days, I often eat Italian food and cook food. I am too familiar with his taste. Midnight immediately refused. "It is normal for you and Italy to guess together for more than half a year. You try this …" Midnight presented a treasure and added a piece of scrambled eggs with green pepper to invite the moon.
Inviting the moon to bow its head and looking at the golden yellow egg "looks good and beautiful. You must be doing the midnight oil!" "
"You know I’m doing it before you eat it?" Open your eyes wide at night. "You have a good nose. Try it. It’s delicious."
Invite the moon for a quick laugh. "Because your eyes have betrayed you, tell me you did it."
"So that’s it … don’t say this, you are quick to eat …" The midnight also urged the moon to look ugly and said, "I’ll try it in the Ninth Hall ~!"
The midnight immediately took back his hand and gave him a white look. He said to his face, "I’m giving it to Sister Huang. Why do you taste it?"
Inviting the moon to convulse at the corner of her mouth. This midnight kid is really a bit embarrassing. "That … I don’t like eggs at night …"
A small midnight of crisp glass fragments, he collapsed, and the whole person was broken. Sister Huang doesn’t like to eat eggs … She doesn’t like to eat eggs … She even tried to let her eat them without knowing it … "Ah, ah, ah, ah … I’m so tragic … I’ll be a scrambled egg. Sister Huang actually refuses to eat eggs …"
The midnight child shouted that his personality had changed too much compared with half a year ago. He was lively. Otawa smiled faintly and invited the moon to see a bowl of hot duck blood vermicelli pot. It’s really a miss to see this dish here …
Inviting the moon’s eyes suddenly lit up. A small spoon scooped up a piece of duck blood and sent it to the mouth. The mouth was instantly authentic and spicy, with a strong smell of old vinegar. "Wow, it was my favorite before. I didn’t expect to eat it here!" Inviting the moon to eat another smile was very gratifying. I was just about to invite the moon and suddenly said, "Why didn’t you cook it for me before?"
Everyone was quiet and laughed, and there was another crisp piece of glass. He also collapsed, and the whole person was broken. He looked at the invitation to the moon and said, "I didn’t do it!"
Inviting the moon to petrify what she just said … It’s so embarrassing and frustrating. Biting a spoon, I’m embarrassed to say, "I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you to make it, but it’s really delicious. I especially like it …"
The original bitter smile disappeared and replaced with a comforting smile. "I just like it. I didn’t know how to cook in the past. This is what I learned recently."
"You just learn? It’s a genius! " A genius who never forgets anything "Which chef taught you?"
Laughed, "I saw you write on paper when I was cleaning the room!" "
One day, I was still alone in my room, remembering the scene of inviting me to the moon, so I wanted to look for it. As a result, I saw a ghost painting in the waste paper on the table, which read what to eat spicy duck blood fans, Dove chocolate, pickled fish, roast duck, cake … and wrote some basic methods.
Remembering these dishes, he guessed that they were all invited to the moon and wanted to eat them. Although he had never heard of them, he still wanted to try them, but it was a pity that he could not find many dishes for her when invited to the moon recovered from her illness.
"I see. Thank you. That’s very thoughtful of you!" Inviting the moon is very touching, and I am even more excited to taste the long-lost taste here.
At night, I squinted at Yihe, then sat with my cheeks bulging and my breath held, and invited Yuenai to ask, "What’s the matter, my little emperor?"
"Hum, Sister Huang, if you are eccentric, you will support a person to cook!"
Awkward! ! Looks like you made a scrambled egg. You have no choice! Invite the moon to scoop up a piece of duck blood and send it to the mouth of the midnight to please "Well, my little emperor is not angry and eat one!"