Li Feiyang smiles and says "white" while Yagyu cabinet is nodded and his face is still indifferent.

"This is the assessment!" Four serve a announced all qi qi retreated to one side.
Yi Feng and Xiao reached the front of Li Feiyang and Yagyu’s cabinet in the middle of the hall with spurge in their hands.
Li Feiyang is wondering in his heart that if he fights fiercely in this hall, he will see the elders sitting in wooden chairs move when they are not around.
He slowly raised his right hand, and the coloured glaze ring suddenly gave out a blurred halo. At the moment, Li Feiyang seemed to have an illusion, and there was an unreal feeling around him. The elders’ center expanded in all directions and gradually spread to the whole hall.
The original dark hall has changed into a vast edge with the change of the elders. White clouds are slowly fluttering in the sand, sea and sky, and sand dunes stand not far away. In the whole desert, two people, Li Feiyang and Yi Feng, stand together for dozens of feet.
Li Feiyang set off waves in his heart. He couldn’t believe it. He looked around and bent down to pick up a handful of fine sand. It felt more real that warm fine sand slowly spilled through his fingers and flowed through his palm.
He couldn’t understand how the surrounding environment became like this in a blink of an eye. Looking at him with a puzzled look, Yi Feng laughed. "When the strength reaches a certain level, you can build your own world. You and I are now in the world built by the elders themselves. Everything you see here is real in the desert."
Li Feiyang felt deeply shocked despite his faint speculation and positive reply.
Create the world by yourself. What’s the difference between this and the creator?
Yi Feng slowly lifted the spurge in his hand and aimed it at the sun in the sky. As he moved a gold thread, it was transmitted from the sun and sprinkled on Yi Feng’s spurge. It was like being nourished. A mass of golden light broke out at the tip of the spurge and gradually became harsh.
Li Feiyang slightly narrowed his eyes and felt each other becoming more and more powerful. He took a deep breath and gently mobilized the red tiger fire energy to slowly condense to the peak.
"You can rest assured to start work here and don’t worry about the damage to the surrounding area." Yi Feng’s face hung with a confident smile and felt Li Feiyang’s body leaping out slowly. He was a little surprised. "You are very strong." I was a routine. Now it seems that everyone can have a good time. Look, I’m going to start work! "
Yi Feng’s feet went boom and boom, and at the same time, a turbulent sandstorm exploded just before he stood.
"You have to stay for half an hour! Pick me up! " Yi Feng’s spurge swung high and drew an arc toward Li Feiyang …
Chapter 216 Winner
Into the halberd, the half-moon arc hit Li Feiyang’s ball of golden rice, and from the halberd to the heart, ten thousand golden lights were instantly transformed like strips of dancing golden snakes. Li Feiyang’s whole body was shrouded in golden light, and there was no dead angle left and right. The fiery masculine and powerful atmosphere approached like a burst of sun in front of him, which made people feel resistant to the law.
Yi Feng’s face showed a confident smile. Seeing that spurge attacked Li Feiyang, he actually reacted. He knew that the war was set, but he was slightly disappointed. Is this person so vulnerable?
Li Feiyang was finally submerged by the golden light, but Yi Feng’s face was surprised. He felt a very powerful force instantly breaking through his offensive. The shock was like a mountain bursting, tyrannical and overbearing, and soon his offensive was shattered and dissipated in the shape.
Li Feiyang instantly hit more than a dozen fists, and the powerful mixed force will impact Yi Feng’s golden light and crush the wave ripples in all directions, which will soon stir and crush the surrounding sand grains.
Yi Feng’s face was full of excitement, and he jumped up in the first year of high school and stepped on his spurge.
"good! It’s a bit interesting so that I can have fun and watch my move shine! "
Yi Feng rose half a hand and slowly raised it in an instant, just like walking, and dozens of phantoms appeared. Yi Feng’s whole person seemed to instantly become Guanyin with thousands of hands, and then Yi Feng’s hands were suddenly intertwined in front of him and raised on his head.
Li Feiyang stare big eyes with a look of shock. Of course, this and Yi Feng’s strength are purely a vague memory of deja vu in my heart. "
A hot sun rises from behind Yi Feng and suddenly jumps over his head, then a violent burst distorts thousands of streams of light throughout today.
Yi Feng’s laughter echoed in heaven and earth with streamers. "Ha, ha, ha, how about this move? I am the most pure yang in heaven and earth. What you have to resist at this time is not me alone, but today. This is a skill that can only be understood by high-end mixed forces. Today you are lucky to let you see it! "
A tent sandstorm broke out in the whole desert, and the hot temperature raged in heaven and earth. The whole desert was covered by Liu’s advertisement. The sand grains melted and condensed in an instant, and then continued to be burned into liquid by high temperature to dissipate. "The dark red fog turned the whole desert into crimson, just like a flame hell. Everything irradiated by streamers was burned and destroyed by high temperature.
"It’s really interesting" only two strokes ended the battle. "Alas, let me examine this little one and I don’t know who we have sinned against." Yi Feng muttered to himself and slowly withdrew himself and poured out the mixed force. However, at this time, his pupils shrank and showed a look of horror. His hands were hurrying back to his chest and roared straight ahead!
A mass of dark red fire rushed to the front of Yi Feng, just in front of Yi Feng. At the same time, this fire is less than ten feet away from Yi Feng, and Yi Feng can’t hide for such a short distance.
So he won the power of the Ministry to beat himself out of the mixed force. The residual pure sun be the spirit of heaven and earth was transferred violently and madly to Yi Feng’s palm and turned into a golden light in essence and pushed it against the fire.
In his view, even if the other party escaped his offensive by some strange means and succeeded in "sneak attack" in front of his face, it must have been hit hard. Although it was a hasty response, the pure yang of heaven and earth and the mixed force of himself at this time will certainly be able to instantly crush this little place!
Li Feiyang at this time, the whole department was covered by fire and turned into a burning man. His right hand slowly handed out to meet the golden light of Yi Feng.
Heaven and earth tremble!
Suddenly, the sky and the earth changed dramatically, just like in an instant, the Nie Nest was reborn several times, and then it became completely dark. After a short silence, it crashed and exploded into a harsh light.
Yi Feng’s face trembled violently, and he couldn’t believe it. At this time, he led Hao Chunyang’s mixed force to be easily smashed by Li Feiyang. The dark flame of the other party was overbearing and abusive, just like a sharp knife broke a piece of paper, which tore him into pieces and then hit him hard with one punch.
Yi Feng tumbled and landed, splashing a turbulent sandstorm and moaning. After a few times, his eyes fainted.
Li Feiyang will fire back the surrounding scenery and immediately return to its original state. He is in the hall again.
The hall was quiet.
All the students in the department are stupid and dull. I can’t believe I’m looking at the scene before me
Li Feiyang was so sick that he couldn’t even see the abnormality in his face, but he should win in their hearts. Yi Feng actually fainted and was unconscious.
The elder’s eyes narrowed and his eyebrows were beating slightly.
"This" elder, this matter is too weird. We need to see how Li Feiyang won! "Four serve face is like a dark cloud, a frustrated mood brewing in his voice.
The elder raised his eyes and stared at Sifeng faintly. "Sifeng, do you think Li Feiyang can cheat in my mixed world?"
Sifeng shivered all over, only to remember the fight just now, and the dog elders were participating in his health, and they immediately oozed a layer of cold sweat and hung their heads low! "I dare not be confused!"
The words sound just fell and a white light burst out around yagyu cabinet holding a black sword and came out behind him. He stood pale and his armor was covered with harsh scratches, and a faint blood stain was clearly visible on his eyebrows.
Xiao looked down and Yi Feng’s face moved slightly. Then he caressed his chest and shouted at the elder and said, "Report to the elder that Xiao defeated Yagyu and passed the examination."
There was an uproar in the hall, and everyone didn’t expect that the two newcomers actually won and defeated two famous and difficult adjutants in the garrison!
Big elder face lit up "good! I didn’t expect that both of you actually passed the assessment. Then, according to the previous agreement, you two will compete for a winner and you will be the deputy head of the 12 th branch! "
Li Feiyang and yagyu ark looked at each other, a dull contains the thunder breath slowly spread in the hall.
Once again, the scene changed and a sea of sand appeared. Li Feiyang held a black sword and yagyu cabinet in opposition. After a while, it was almost the same as two people at the same time