"Big king, what did you say! ?”

The Great Sage Moko angrily looked at Huahua. "You have succeeded in reincarnation. It was my Buddhist miracle that verified the fruit of the Great Buddha Amitabha. Now you really don’t know the poor monk?" Have you forgotten the scene where we talked about Taoism by Ayu Lake five thousand years ago? ?”
Lu Chen’s face looks strange when listening to the words of the Great Sage Moke. Why does he feel full of gay feelings?
He knew that the Moko Great Sage was not a bad person, but his obsession was too deep. On the one hand, it was true that Hua Hua had an old original in his previous life. After Ye Fan took Hua Hua away, Moko Great Sage became a flower nanny.
"Don’t really want me to sumeru mountain tens of billions of Buddhists martyrdom! ?”
Peacock king shouted, "Do you know that Emperor Wudi of the Eastern Wilderness is now an equal realm? Do we have a fighting power when we are no longer in Su Zhen? "
The Great Sage Moko is a little confused, and his bald head looks dull with a confused face.
"The Buddha speaks the Tao of Buddhism, who transcends the direction and fully understands the direction."
At this time, the magic pestle god even spoke and it woke up.
King Peacock, the old monk of Moke, recited the Buddha’s name and saluted the magic pestle.
Lu Chen didn’t talk and stretched out his hand to play tricks. As soon as the little thief got to Lu Chen’s side, the solemn appearance of the treasure disappeared. He winked at the old monk Moco and made Moco become speechless.
"Let the boy go. Don’t worry. Let him go."
The magic pestle continued to "look" at the black water snake deeply. "If the emperor is still alive, he may suppress you. I don’t know if he will go to you."
It can be seen that regicide is a weapon of growth, which is harmful and contrary to their Buddhist principles, but it may not be its turn to judge the growth of all things.
Zhang Jukou, the black water mysterious snake, was obviously dissatisfied with the words of the magic pestle, but he was put away by Lu Chen, and he was not interested in discussing with the emperor.
The event of Sumi Mountain has ended, and he can still play an activity. I didn’t expect the peacock king to be very timid
He took a step with flowers and arrived at Jiang’s house.
And the sizzling barbecue was just put on the plate.
At this moment, the deputy leader of Shenting in the mysterious ancient star field wakes up from the closed room.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-six In the purple MSI again
"You are Master Lu, right? That’s awesome. Is my master back?"
"Alas, Shi Boshi, you don’t need to come and save me. I’m having a great life in Sumi Mountain. My nephew is destructive. You’re coming late for decades. The female bodhisattvas in Sumi Mountain will be turned away by me and let the remaining monks cry."
"Ah, there’s a barbecue, and the Buddha’s wine and meat have passed through the intestines and sat in the master’s heart. I haven’t eaten meat for many years …"
Lu Chen was not tired of being nagged by Huahua. He found that Ye Fan, a monk apprentice, was not only a tease, but also had the potential to be a rogue because he was brought up by a rogue.
Leaf pupil saw his teacher younger brother ill also put the heart.
"There’s an ancestor king outside the door who asks for an audience and says he’s coming to make amends."
Someone in Jiang’s family reported it
Lu Chengang sent the roasted golden sun meat with tender skin and tender skin to import, and the tip of his tongue covered the sky.
After his second visit to this world, he failed to appreciate the happiness of this world in detail.
He stopped and knew what was going on in his heart.
"Asked to see Emperor Donghuang"
The young man who informed Jiang’s family looked at Liu Chen with wild eyes and admired him very much.
He just listened to Lu Chen and grew up knowing the glorious deeds of this God’s younger brother, and today he will see the quasi-emperor’s great power.
Cover the sky with your hands and capture the great sage’s wine and food town.
It can be said that after today, many people can’t sleep at night. Some people are excited and excited, while others are uneasy.
For example, visiting Zuwang at this time is to detain the pulse of the double emperor of silver and blood
"Let him in."
Lu Chen nodded casually, and soon a Taikoo Zu Wang came in with two men. It was Wang Shu and Er Leng in the village at the foot of Zishan Mountain, that is, the two emperors of Tiancun.
"Seen Emperor Donghuang"
The holy king was very respectful to face the man who was eating meat and drinking heavily, and his heart could not help but tremble.
What a ferocious fiend it seems to him! ?
Nathan chews flesh and blood with white teeth, but he is a great sage of the Sun clan, and he also visited the great sage of the Sun clan, but now he has a Chinese meal.
Even in ancient times, he rarely saw such a ferocious Terran as Lu Chen, and I’m afraid there was one who was sealed by Wanlong Nest.
What kind of person is this? The meat of the Great Sage tastes like pieces. How long has it been before? The "body" of the Great Sage of the Sun has gone halfway.
Lu Chen’s meat is really roasted soon, and then he will take a bite, that is, most of the "roasted golden wings in Orleans" are burnt and tender. Unexpectedly, the meat quality is not old at all, but it is a great tonic.
"Brother Lu!"
The two emperors of silver and blood and Lu Chen naturally know each other for a long time. When Lu Chen lived in the village for a long time, they met again at this time, with joy and sighs.
"We don’t have any disrespect for the old friend of Emperor Wu. Our family always respects guests. If Emperor Wu doesn’t believe us, you can ask them."
The ancient holy king respectfully saw Lu Chen’s foot on Mount Sumi and even Mount Sumi was soft, and immediately came over with a silver and blood emperor to confess his sins.
This is a contemporary quasi-emperor root, but not a royal family like them. It is not as good as Lu Chen chewing that one in his mouth as there is a junior sage in their family now.
"Is that so?"
Liu Chen took the silver-blood double emperor to sit down and gave them a plate of barbecue.
"That’s true. Brother Liu doesn’t have to be too hard on them."
Er Leng explained to Lu Chenyin that they had been dealing with the Taikoo royal family for years because of their special pedigree. This time Ye Tong was hunted down and they wanted to go to Taikoo royal family to help, but they were detained.
There was no abuse there, but freedom was restricted
"In that case, if you are sincere enough, this matter will be revealed."
Liu Chen nods