"What is it?"

"It’s like this. Li has torn her face. I always have some uneasiness in my heart. I feel that we seem to have done something wrong."
"Ha-ha ….. the days when the vassal was cheating on me one moment ago or an ally the next, he became enemies everywhere. After asking me, Li involved in small profits and Li involved will become my solid ally again. Li involved should know that it is not good for anyone to fight in Jingzhou again, so he won’t do anything."
"The master actually knows that fighting is not good for anyone and he has to make moves at Tianmen City. This is the base that Li has worked hard to build. So the master has occupied the words. Will there really be no gap in Li’s heart?"
"There will be a gap, but it won’t be so hard for me that I don’t hurt his family. Maybe he will be grateful to me when I return my family to him."
Kuai Yue didn’t dwell on this question. There’s a question he hasn’t asked yet. Is that true? Won’t Li really work hard?
Kuai Yue once came into contact with Li She also had a simple understanding of Li She. He felt that Li She was not like the kind of person who was very forbearing. Li She was the kind of person who could be quiet when no one provoked her, but once someone touched his lamella, he would definitely take the thunder and brazen and never give up if he couldn’t hit his opponent.
"Other places are all right? Don’t let Huang Zhong and Gan Ning, the two leading soldiers, Huiyuan. "
Liu Biao remembered Li’s involvement in the distribution of two forces. Think about this. Li’s ambition is really big. It not only makes Huang Zhong move westward, but also makes Gan Ning move in the south waters. Li is definitely making Gan Ning prepare for things. When the time comes, he will immediately go south.
Liu Biao was quite surprised when he learned the news, and he regretted it. Sometimes he wondered if he gave Nanyang to Li She. Is Li She less threatening than Yuan Shu?
In this self-questioning situation, Liu Biao came to a surprising conclusion that Li Biao was more threatening than Yuan Shu, and most of his Yuan Shu threatened Nanyang. Other sites were in Yangzhou and other places, but Li Biao was different. He was in the hinterland of Jingzhou, and Li Biao was determined to attack Tianmen City.
Nanjun must not be left to Li She, otherwise Li She will push this Jingzhou from north to south to east in the center of Nanjun, which is likely to be slowly eroded by Li She.
Liu Biao led the army to command Cai Mao, the most dependent person in the military. Cai Mao replied, "On the west side, Huang Zhong’s side, a force called a sword will attack each other and cut the roots. Besides, General Wang Wei’s visit to hundreds of troops in the north side, Huang Zhong can never come back to support."
"That this side? I heard that Gan Ning has begun to take shape by vigorously training the water army in the waters. "
Cai Mao added, "This is even more unnerving. General Zhang Yun also took 100,000 troops to Gan Ning to listen to the news. Not long ago, General Zhang Yun’s thief fought Gan Ning’s army and fled to the waters around Dongting. At present, General Zhang Yun is searching for it."
It’s hard to gan ning. There are only a few hundred people in gan ning. Thousands of new recruits are just being trained in Jiagang, and Zhang Yun’s 100 thousand troops are far from each other. What’s worse, Zhang Yun is by no means an underwhelming lot. Liu Biao, the whole army, talks about the generals of the water army. In addition to Cai Mao, he must say Zhang Yun.
Being outnumbered, Gan Ning is good at leading troops to flee. Zhang Yun is in hot pursuit. He has long heard of Li’s hand. A valiant soldier named Gan Ning is very happy that he can defeat Gan Ning this time, so he is in hot pursuit. Gan Ning is good at fleeing to Dongting, where the waters are wide and there are many diversions. Gan Ning intends to seek another world war.
This is also influenced by Li, who always likes to hang around with his generals to show off his knowledge, such as what to do without fighting, and what to do with rape.
Gan ning was surrounded when he was about to be chased by the army, but his intelligence was limited and he was in a hurry. When he was so good, he remembered those words that Li involved often talked nonsense. This Dongting water is so divided that it is better for me to divide and rape.
The principle of separation and rape is very simple. Grandpa Mao has developed the essence to the extreme. I won’t argue with you head-on. I’ll put a dirty gun behind my back and pick those small troops who are alone. Wait until the last time to wipe out your big power.
Talking about Grandpa Mao, Li She’s eyes are definitely a little star calling God Man.
Gan Ning’s situation is very bad now. It is definitely not possible to fight face to face. Although this method can’t destroy Zhang Yun’s forces, it is still very possible to repel Zhang Yun. So Gan Ning and Zhang Yun fought a guerrilla war in the waters of Dongting, which is famous for later generations.
I’m afraid even Li She will find it hard to believe this. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six Reckless teenager
The soldiers in front of them are even more poisonous, and Zhang Hu heads up and laughs. "I heard that several women beside Li are beautiful, and I must play all over Zhang Hu, hahaha!"
Laughing wildly far away, even in the waves of scolding, it still clearly entered the ears of every soldier in Chengtou. Li Zhuang, the general commander, bit his teeth and kept ringing "Damn it!"
Li Zhuang’s fighting power in Liu Biao’s army is definitely a person who can settle in the scarcity of soldiers in Nai. It is impossible to fight this 500,000-strong army with his own roots. This is not a mixed weapon but a regular army’s fighting power.
Even if Zhang Hu scolds the vicious Li Zhuang, he can endure that he can’t even accept the gate. He is afraid that when he leaves the city, Liu Biao will lead an army to flock, even though he is not afraid, but what about Tianmen City? Who can turn the tide and Li Zhuang can’t hold out that he will defend the city?
Li Zhuang can endure it, but the head of the city, Niu Ba, can’t endure the knife and will go to the city. "You are a bird’s egg, let you taste the bully!"
"What are you doing back!" Li Zhuang rebuked and stopped Niu Ba’s action, and looked at Niu Ba with anger.
"I can’t stand being scolded endlessly by these turtles and grandchildren these two days. I’m fed up with this kind of cowardice, even if I die, I won’t be affected by this kind of cowardice!"
"Nonsense! It’s not a street fight. It’s a war between two armies. How can you give birth to this idea when you are in charge of the army? You should … "
When Li Zhuang was lecturing Niu Ba, a wooden rubbing sound sounded like a door sound, but it was much brighter than the door sound and it was much heavier. Li Zhuang Niu Ba looked like a city and was surprised in his heart.
Niu Ba said stupidly, "I didn’t do it. I didn’t let them enter the city gate."
Reacting, Li Zhuang shouted hastily, "Hurry to the gate!"
Although Li Zhuang reacted late, the suspension bridge had been released. Liu Biao was so happy that he shouted, "Take this opportunity to kill the city and never let them enter the city!"
Zhang Hu’s reaction is not slow. With a wave of his long gun, "Brothers, follow me to the city!"
Smoke, dust, army, rolling and moving, all rushing to the narrow gate to sharpen their knives and look excited.
The winner is the king, the loser is the loser. I heard that Tianmen City is a famous town of beautiful women. There are many beautiful women here with different postures. If you can break through the city, aren’t these beautiful women all your own? The soldiers have long been impatient.
The main reason is that Li Sheqian took in the Rose Guild, and the members of the Rose Guild were scattered everywhere, which caused many people to have some illusions. Moreover, these women are now dressed as women, and the experts have long attracted the attention of surrounding towns.
"get out!"
After the chaotic sound of the battlefield, I couldn’t stop this drink. I saw a young man riding alone and killed him. The offensive was fierce and forced the front line troops to retreat. In an instant, hundreds of people fell to the young man’s knife.
"But Le Jin?" Zhang Hu heard that there was a young man named Le Jin who was involved in Li’s war. Is that him?
At this time, the scene was particularly frightening and dramatic. Seeing that Liu Biao’s army was surrounded by a semicircle in the direction of the city gate, the teenager in front of the city gate glanced at him with awe and looked at Zhang Hu with hundreds of thousands of troops and said, "But just now you insulted my master and disrespected my mistress?"