She clearly noticed that he was alone in the palace wall not far away, and some lonely figures were projected by the moonlight and pulled for a long time!

And just now, she saw his earthy face, and his brow was full of fatigue!
I haven’t seen him for a long time. How can such a gesture be presented in front of me? Although her power overthrew the whole continent in recent years, she forced herself to ignore all the news about the third place!
It was not long after she left that she came to Gulan from afar and was taken back to the building to cross the country. After she heard this, her lips were just sarcastic and indifferent!
Because at that time, she already knew that she was pregnant with May, and since then, she didn’t want to stop thinking about putting all her experiences in Pearl Island to expand the business of Phoenix House!
And after a short and long five years, she will still be very handsome and elegant, but now it seems that he is not doing well!
When Su Ling resisted the fluctuation in her heart, her eyes were blurred. She looked at the beauty cake in the porcelain plate and then breathed slightly. She stood up with the plate and said, "Thanks! I took this beauty cake very late, so you should go to bed early! "
Su Ling went to the East Hall with a beautiful cake, and even though she and Huang Lao passed by on the way, even though his eyes always followed his figure, Su Ling remained calm and slowly disappeared into the sight of two men.
At the moment when Su Ling’s figure walked into the hall, the old eyes didn’t come back. Suddenly, the red shadow flashed and I didn’t see it clearly. Then a heavy fist hit him and he dyed the loess Toshiko.
At the same time, it was accompanied by a burst of anger and a low drink. "Do you have the face to come back to her?"
When Guan Qing’s fist hit Huang Lao’s cheek, he seemed to fly up again like anger!
And the heart is aware that after hearing the rustling in the dress, Lao Huang quickly turned around and avoided it again, so that he could clearly see the red seal on the edge of his lips in the moonlight.
"You don’t count if you have a face!" Burn old three sounds as cold as frost as if his mouth could still spit out ice on a hot midsummer night.
Wenyou Qing’s eyes flashed slightly, and then his nose hung with disdain. Toshihiko sneered, "If the palace can decide, you won’t have a chance to live here today!
Huang Lao, when you broke off diplomatic relations with the palace because of Gulan! Now that Gu Lan is back, why don’t you take good care of your Gu Lanmei? Did you find out in hindsight that you were taken by Li Cai and sent her back to Louyue? Then when the palace woke you up, you turned a deaf ear to it. If the palace was not in those days, so that you could see her face clearly, would you break up with the palace later and live and die?
After all, there is still a place for Gulan in your heart! What else did you do to Su Ling when you appeared in Gulan five years ago? !
Do you know that Su Ling was outside the Valley Pavilion that night when you were with Gu Lan? She saw it with her own eyes. Listen, you two were intimate. Have you ever thought about what a blow it was to her?
You are an animal! "
Guan Qing’s angry tone and his unbearable anger made him wish he could scrape the third place! Although he didn’t get involved in their personal feelings in those years, Su Ling’s performance that night, even after five years, will still make him feel like a knife!
Su Ling deserves better! He hates to burn old if you can’t give Su Ling the only thing to provoke her? !
This is a more two more wait!
Chapter 374 An extraordinary night!
Burn old cold eyes dyed sharp dark mans moment don’t blink with you qing thin lips pain, although still not heart cramps can face you qing words he couldn’t say a word!
It is true that in the heart of Huang Lao, he also agrees with it!
But now Qian Fan knows what he wants and what he thinks. He and Su Ling can’t be judged by others!
In this way, in the sight that Huang Laosan is getting colder and colder, he looks at Yu Qing’s sharp eyes as cold as an eagle. When Yu Qing wants to attack him again, he hears Huang Laosan open his mouth. "You are not qualified to have a say in the king and her affairs!"
"Let your mother fart!" Guan Qing abruptly stopped at the same pace and glared at the third place. Like an enraged beast, Kouga gritted his teeth and sarcastically said coldly, "Palace is not qualified to have a say? Then you are entitled to hurt her?
I can’t believe that you are so inhuman! Do you know … "
"That’s enough!" When you Qing seems to be still chattering about the past, but listening to Huang Lao suddenly huffing, then he dyed his dirty clothes and swayed by his side with his stride forward posture. After he stopped at the front of you Qing, his tone was as fresh as an iceberg. "You Qing don’t go with Wang!
Now that it’s all in the past, things make sense again and again? What’s more, the king and her are not allowed to be heard by others! If you don’t stay with her now, the king will retreat. No way! "
Guan Qing was almost stunned for a moment, and then dumped the old burn again in the blink of an eye. A fist was so powerful that it made the old burn take three steps back to stabilize himself.
By guan qing again hit the cheek burn old fundus has gradually spread out the murder gathering gathering scattered on both sides of Toshiko hair burn old narrowing her eyes breathing as if out of the ice ballast was about to take action but see guan qing eyeful disappointed looked at him and said, "burn old palace is really blind would have made friends with a heartless man like you!
You really don’t know that you can come to the East Palace in Qingguo? After many years, I never imagined that you could still treat Su Ling like this today! Have you ever thought that your biggest mistake with her is not that you shouldn’t start, but that you shouldn’t want to get her back after hurting her!
Have you really thought about what she really wants? Do you really know what Su Ling lacks most in her heart? You don’t know anything! But it doesn’t matter who makes you the king of Qi and Chu. You’re used to going your own way. You’re used to being conceited. But in this case, why don’t you find a innocent girl woman to put in the palace every day to raise a case with you, Qi Mei?
Are you serious about Su Ling? Or are you unwilling to let go of being abandoned by her? "
You Qing’s words are like a blockbuster, and every word and sentence is exploding in the ear of Huang Lao.
It’s a shame to be told the problem by another man in such a white way.
But it can’t be denied that the words of Youqing really made him feel a little scared for a moment, and then his eyes gradually faded away, and his eyes kept wandering on Youqing’s cheeks and his lips became tighter and tighter!
"See what? Do you think the palace is wrong? " At this time, Guan Qing looked at Huang Lao with the utmost scorn. He never thought about it. Now Huang Lao still doesn’t believe Su Ling!
He doesn’t want to think about how he would give Su Ling a chance to meet him if Su Ling was really with him!
It is precisely because I have been in contact with him for several days that I have seen through Su Ling’s eyes, and I can know where her light worries come from without asking him more!
It’s a pity that burn old or white his heart!
Although he is not a gentleman, he is also not a sanctimonious villain!
He can do what he wants. It’s a fair competition! Instead of forcing Su Ling to be tied around like Lao Huang!
In the moonlit night, two men looked at each other for a moment, but they spoke to each other!
Perhaps thinking about each other’s words, perhaps wondering who can win the beauty in this competition!
This is always an extraordinary night!
At that time, on the other side, Su Ling hurried back to her own wing with a beautiful cake, and then she stood there for a long time without moving.
Burn old appeared in her unexpected!
She didn’t expect him to appear in that situation, and she was also puzzled. If Huang Lao arrived in Qingguo, it would be impossible for Feng Men or Huang Men not to get news of such an important matter.
And today she also met Yu Su and Chu Yiguo, but they didn’t say anything about it? !
Say they know it’s impossible!
What kind of transparency does the information of Fengmen and Huangmen reach? She is the most vocal!
So it seems that they deliberately don’t let themselves know!
And can command Yu Su or Chu Yi people in Qing country, except in May, she will not be the second choice!
This girl is weird and good at bad drama. I guess she must be up to something!
No wonder I dare not come back to the East Palace to sleep tonight!
Su Ling, who is thoughtful, will soon connect everything in series, but she can shake her head in May!
Over the past few years, although she has been full of words about burning old three, she can’t stop her mother Feng Rujun from waking up from time to time in May to her own father’s story!
It is also difficult for this girl to be curious about burning the old heart!
But in the moonlight just now, when she saw Huang Lao, she couldn’t tell what it was like in her heart. There was always some acidity and some confusion, but more happened at the beginning!
She may not know that she had waited for him outside the wall of Wangfu when she left that rainy night!
But before she became more and more disappointed, she waited for a red light swaying in front of the palace!
And she can’t avoid thinking of that time. Maybe Lao Huang is still in the valley pavilion and Gulan lingering!
She’s a woman. What else can she do when she sees her man get along so well with other women? !
And Huang Lao will never know that when she decided to follow Yubo back to Pearl Island, she fell into syncope on the first day of stepping on the deck!
After two days of rain, she was not healthy and even more delicate. She had a high fever for five days and almost couldn’t keep her children!
She never said all this, but she pretended that nothing had happened!
Five years ago, when she came to precipitate herself, it was enough for her to see clearly what was wrong with her and Huang Lao in this quiet day!