"It’s a nice day in Lao Li. Shall we go out for a walk?" Fang Lianning opened the curtain and looked at the sunshine outside.

Li Fei nodded, "Well, it’s rare that I can finally be in a wheelchair. I’ve been lying in a wheelchair for more than three months, and I’m almost moldy." And he stretched himself, and his heart itched at this time.
"Fourth brother, let me help you!" Li trotted to the bed and tried to reach out to help Li Fei, but he was stopped by the blast. "Okay, okay, little guy, I’ll do it while you go. Your strength is not enough. Be careful to drop your brother again and cause secondary damage."
Li Pupil’s earthquake plunged into deep self-doubt "will it?" ! I’ll let fourth brother get hurt again? !”
Wen Renyi helped Li Fei to sit in a wheelchair. Li Fei hit him angrily. "What are you scaring him for?" Then he waved to Li Zhao and said, "Don’t listen to your blasted brother’s nonsense. Fourth brother doesn’t want to bother you and you have classes in the afternoon, right? How can you run to the hospital at every turn? "
Li drum cheeks show some small temper "I’m not afraid of four elder brother chat just want to accompany four elder brother ….."
Li Fei rubbed his little head. "I’m very happy that you have this heart, but I still have to study hard. It’s so cold, there’s no need to run to me all the time. It’s late to go back to school. Be obedient."
Li hung his little head and left with a small short leg and a small bag even if he didn’t want to.
Li Fei nai smiled and looked at Li’s back. It suddenly occurred to him that when he was a child, it seemed to be so attached to Li’s blood relationship at night. It was really wonderful.
Fang Lianning put a coat on Li Fei. "Although it’s sunny outside today, after all, it’s December from today. You still have to keep warm. I really doubt that the wind will blow you down."
Li Fei followed Fang Lian’s words and said, "I doubt it so much, so you must treat me gently and pity me because I am a beautiful flower."
Blasted into the ground and Fang Lianning were both amused by Li Fei’s words. "Idol filming went to the schedule and it was really wrong. Today, the two of us came to pity you." Then blasted into the ground and pushed the wheelchair to the small garden of the hospital.
Li Fei comfortably lifted his face and closed his eyes to enjoy the winter sunshine.
"Words …" Li Fei suddenly out.
Fang Lianning and Wen Renyi looked at him without looking. "What’s the matter?"
Li Fei looked at the withered branches with some emotion. "Is Han Qiyue going to be born this month?"
Fang Lian lemon face slightly changed tone also became stiff a few minutes "pei pei good carry her to do? ! What bad luck! "
Li Fei-koo looked at Fang Lian-ning. "Nothing happened, but I suddenly remembered this. Have you heard anything?"
Fang Lian lemon awkward look to one side "don’t know what are you doing so heart? You should not still have feelings for Jiang Lianqi, should you? "
Li Fei was a little surprised and then smiled and shook his head. "No, I let go and … I knew from the beginning that Han Qiyue’s belly child was not Jiang Lianqi."
Rao is blasted into implement so along with the gender people at this time also some shock "li3 ge … you know from the start? ! Then why didn’t you say anything? And you were so sad at that time. "
Li Fei pushed his wheelchair to the tree and reached out his frozen red hand and touched the trunk. It seems a little sad. "Because that’s why he will never do anything. I know him too well and trust him very much. I think he does everything for a reason and will definitely give me an explanation. I’m also acting … Maybe I’m too confident. What he did later is far beyond my cognitive range, and he finally made himself into this virtue without waiting for anything, but now I’ve completely given up on him."
Fang Lian-ning’s eyelids jumped, and he quickly stuffed the hot water bottle in his arms into Li Fei’s clothes and rudely stuffed his hand into his down coat. He didn’t good the spirit and shouted, "Don’t be so sad when you talk. You are not filming now. Pay attention to your health. Do you want to get worse? !”
Li Fei shrugged his shoulders and quipped, "Fresh lemon, you can be a real murderer. Watch out for wrinkles."
Fang Lian lemon didn’t good the spirit knocked Li Fei head "you and I want to be angry? ! I don’t know how good it is! " Said in anger turned around.
Li Fei was so happy that he pulled a corner of his skirt. "Okay, okay, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have made you angry. You adults have a lot. Don’t care about this little guy like me."
Obviously Fang Lian-ning likes Li Fei very much, so he didn’t care about him, but pushed him around in the small garden.
Suddenly Li Fei’s eyes became cold, and Meng looked behind him. As a result of moving too much, Meng took a breath of air conditioning and caused the whole person to cough.
Fang Lian lemon hurriedly before shun qi for him "what’s the matter? Are you okay? "
Li Fei finally recovered, and tears were still hanging from his eyes because of his cough. He waved his hand with difficulty. "Nothing … I feel that someone is peeping. Maybe I am nervous."
Fang Lianning’s face became dignified, and he glanced at the blasted into the ground and immediately understood, "You go back to the ward first, I’ll go and have a look." He said and trotted over to Li Fei just to see the direction.
If he looked for a circle, he didn’t find any suspicious characters in the end.
Chapter 312 You are a clean stream
"Have you decided?" Li night behind Li Fei asked
Li Fei nodded and turned around and said, "I have already decided to wait for my leg to get better."
Li night frown he knows how hard Li Fei can get up again. In the past few months, he has seen it in his eyes and it hurts in his heart. "How can you stand going out alone? Your body has collapsed. "
Li Fei said, "I just cough occasionally. How can I collapse?" He was injured in a car accident before, although sometimes he was repaired by surgery, but at first he didn’t want to live and recuperate, and it wasn’t very good, which led to a cough if he left the root cause now.
"Are you going alone?" Li night concerns asked.
Li Fei turned his black eyes and scratched his face awkwardly. "If possible, I hope to take Horus with me."
Li Ye Naifu’s forehead "Whose family is Horus? How do you take it?"
As soon as his voice fell, he saw Li Fei’s stars looking at him. He suddenly had a bad feeling. "You don’t want me to help you steal the dog, do you?"
Li Fei pathetic blinked "eldest brother, you are the best, you can help your poor brother …"
Don’t open your eyes at night. He is afraid that if you go like this again, you will be soft-hearted.
Li Fei thought for a moment and promised to put aside "I’ll go out for a trip"
Li night heart a surprised "where are you going? !”
Li Fei said, "Go and smell others." Then he lifted his leg and walked out.
Li night frowned and put the original sofa coat on him. "Wear more! ! Otherwise don’t go! "
Li Fenai sighed. It’s June now. Why are you wearing a coat? But he didn’t want to spend more time with Li Yeyi, or he might drag on "being good" and dressing his coat neatly. "Is that reassuring?"
Li night turned a circle around Li Fei and looked at it again. This just assured him to leave.
Li Fei was a little surprised that Lin Jing was here after coming to the blasted house. "Hey, is the big star off today?"
Lin Jing saw Li Fei coming and greeted him with a big smile. "Afei, why are you here? We are going to visit you at your house later. "
Li Fei seems to be sitting on the sofa at will like an uncle "to say goodbye to you. I’m going abroad in a few days."
The three did not seem surprised, but asked calmly, "Where are you going?"
Li Fei shrugged his shoulders. "I don’t know, travel around. The big probability is to go to Europe and stay at home. I have learned French and German for a few months. Anyway, the European language style is almost the same. Let’s learn it slowly then."
In the face of Li Fei’s casual three people, it is no surprise.
"By the way, Afei gave this to you." Lin Jing seemed to remember what would be put in a paper bag and handed it to Li Fei.
Li Fei took over "What is this?"
"You will know when you open it."
Li Fei opened the paper bag suspiciously and found that there was a beautiful packaging box inside, and then continued to open it to find that there was a mobile phone inside.
Li Fei frown "this is …"
Lin Jing said, "Didn’t you lose the phone in front of you? I haven’t bought it for so long. Although you are either staying at home or coming here, it’s still quite inconvenient. I specially selected this mobile phone for you the other day. It’s a brand before you. You should be more comfortable. "
Li Fei micro in the heart "this how not bashful …"