"You heartless baiwenhang" I criticised and threw the ham sausage to the white wolf, lit a cigarette, picked up the cortex and plunged in again.

Unconsciously, it was a few hours. In this period, I loosened the white wolf’s chain for the first time. The white wolf looked very excited. I pointed to the mountain and shouted "Bark" and "Bark", which means no, no! I shouted several times in a row until I was sure that it understood my intention to ban it from the mountain. Then I called a "swim race" and ordered it to move freely. The white wolf ran to the depths of the mountain.
I didn’t feel comfortable calling its name. This guy immediately ran back. When I saw it, I still listened to the command. Then I shouted "Tour Race" again, and I felt comfortable letting it move freely.
Although there are not many ancient books, but the handwriting is too small, the ancient characters are all called small print, and I hold this estimate, which can be regarded as small print. Therefore, it is natural to remember a lot more. The reading habits of modern people are contrary to those of the ancient people. Fortunately, my reading ability in ancient Chinese is still unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, when I finished reading the two books, it was a little dim. I packed up and walked out of the cave. I was just about to call the white wolf and saw the white wolf shaking his head and running back from a distance with a little yellow animal.
"Ha ha, my white wolf can catch a rabbit." My heart felt happy, but when it came running with a stench, I saw clearly that this guy was holding a root, not a rabbit, but a thief, a rat, a weasel, a white wolf, a front paw, and an excited look at me. It is estimated that this weasel has put a lot of smelly fart, smoked a white wolf, threw his head straight and shed tears, but the white wolf’s perseverance is firm enough, no matter how you smoke it, I just won’t let go! No wonder I shook my head when I was watching the white wolf running in the distance. You were smoked by fart for a long time … "Fuck you, MD, you want to take credit for catching a weasel." I criticised it, but I didn’t hurt its mood. I patted my head and took out a ham sausage from my pocket and threw it to it. At the sight of it, the white wolf immediately threw it. It was stinking and rushed to grab it, while the frightened weasel took the opportunity to sneak out.
Chapter 21 Airbending tactic
"You can come back from the squad leader. Hurry up and change clothes. At six o’clock, the squad leader will attend." I met a little soldier in my class as soon as I walked to the gate of the camp from Shanlai.
"What will?" I asked.
"It seems to be learning from Theory of Three Represents," the recruit replied.
"Oh," I should be a grandmother. What I hate most is that I have studied the theory. Several people in the auditorium read according to the manuscript. A group of people are sitting around and listening to each other. They are impatient and have to pretend to listen carefully. I am tired of thinking about that situation.
"Where’s the class vice?" I want to find a scapegoat.
"The class assistant helped the instructor to fill the gas," said the recruit.
"This sycophant" I secretly scolded 1, it’s hopeless. Go by yourself. I hurried back to the dormitory to change my formal suit and strolled to the brigade auditorium with the squad leaders.
We came to the auditorium laughing and laughing, and met the reconnaissance team and the gun team halfway. Those comrades-in-arms were all in the third year of shift, and they were still waiting in line to shout their numbers, feeling old and uncomfortable.
I’m still so happy. I can’t help but be glad that I chose the right team. Although those recruits even look at me with disdain, I don’t care if I hum to myself, "I’m not afraid to hum either of you."
Learning is boring as always. Anyway, if I don’t listen, I will close my eyes and remember the past during the day.
As the name implies, the basis of the book is to observe all kinds of breath. Compared with the Five Elements of Observing Qi, this book is more objective and takes a shortcut. Although the method of observing Qi has not changed, it is more clear to observe itself because of the addition of a finger tactic and a mantra to kill the goose that lays the golden egg at each level, and of course, it is more harmful to itself because of the massive consumption of qi.
In Gankun’s Qi-controlling Method, the thirteen formulas of Qi-controlling are recorded in detail, which are unfamiliar and difficult to understand. The strange method is to guide and modify the Yin-Yang, Heaven-Earth and Qi-controlling for oneself and external creatures. The popular method is that the so-called Qi-controlling means to transport the external breath of one’s own qi to resonate and gain the corresponding ability. Of course, it needs to be done according to one’s ability. If you don’t know what you can, you will be forced to get sick and get sick, and you will lose your life. On the whole, neither the Qi Given that the balance between yin and yang is long, if you have to go against the sky to break this balance, it will not have a huge and long-term impact, and those who have a great impact will naturally be unable to escape the scourge, and then you will be waiting for bad luck.
In addition, these two volumes of ancient books also remember the origin of the magic of observing qi. It turns out that this method of observing qi and controlling qi is not the authentic magic of Taoism, but was accidentally created by the predecessors in the practice of intercepting teaching. Perhaps everyone is unfamiliar with intercepting teaching. It is true that Taoist priests in ancient and modern times do not necessarily belong to Taoism. It is also possible that Taoist explanations of teaching or intercepting teaching are both simultaneous for a long time. However, in the later period, Taoism explained teaching and intercepting teaching gradually faded out of people’s sight because the practice method was too difficult.
The purpose of practicing Buddhism is to treat emotions with all one’s heart, and it is easier to explain that it is a little overbearing and perverse to take the sword of the air-defense method by the air-defense person. Now, if you think back to the picture in the addendum, you can better prove that the air-defense person belongs to the air-defense method. Because the addendum is not made, it means that you will lie blind for three days and two days (blind for three days) for a year and a half (lying half against the yin and yang). It seems that these are not the physical defects of the air-defense spell, but the fierce man of the air-defense method.
However, I didn’t expect that the two volumes of ancient books on the air wayfarers had reached Buddhism. Generally speaking, it means to be courteous to Buddhism. Because it is relatively easy for Buddhism to practice the main magic in the early stage, it is very difficult for Buddhism to pay attention to self-consciousness, self-light, self-consciousness, and magical powers to practice themselves. However, the edge of Buddhism is not just a Taoist skill, which can be compared with the saying that the air wayfarers. At that time, I was very dissatisfied with the idea that others are ambitious and destroy their prestige. Until five years later, I thought that the air wayward
When I went to Buddhism, I unconsciously thought of reincarnation. It is reasonable to say that under normal circumstances, it is possible for a few monks and great virtues to die and then practice by the wind tunnel people. It is a spell, not a magical power. No matter how high the spell is, there is no way to make yourself re-enter the world! Besides, reincarnated people usually have some memories of their previous lives more or less, but why have I never felt anything strange or even had a strange dream since I was a child? Is it true that this practice of practicing humanitarian law by taking the air duct has reached the Millennium realm of opposing Yin and Yang and resisting Qi? I can’t figure it out. Let’s take a break … "Why don’t you push me?" I said in a daze.
"Don’t go to sleep, wake up." An old volunteer monitor next to me woke me up.
"Ah …" When I woke up, I fell asleep by the venue. When I woke up, I first moved my ass to confirm that I was sitting and looking at my hands again. I was a little relieved that I didn’t take anything this time.
I looked around. Why is everyone staring at me? "Zhang, I didn’t talk in my sleep just now, did I?" I turned to ask him.
"No" Zhang monitor answered with a smile.
"That’s good." I picked up the pen with a pretense. Who knows that Zhang’s words still have the second half "But you grind your teeth."
Chapter 22 Sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited
Dare to study theory and grind your teeth when sleeping on such a serious occasion. It is estimated that I am the first one in the special training brigade.
After the meeting, I returned to the team and was called by the captain for a good scolding. It is estimated that I called before I came back to complain. I listened to the thunder blindly for more than half an hour. Just after I got back to the dormitory, I heard that Yang Zong sent me that cell phone. As soon as I answered the King Kong cannon, I came from there with a loud voice. "I’ll help you with your things, so you can rest assured that I’m at home now."
"What’s wrong with me?" What does this guy say about my fog? I asked in return.
"That’s the soldier who testified about my family. I’ll bring you something to eat when I get back," he said and hung up.
What the hell is this? I don’t understand why I’m thinking about it again … After this guy got his mobile phone from Yang Zong, he felt old and awesome. Now it’s estimated that the family is showing off at home, but he doesn’t have someone else’s number to call me. He also said that what he did for me seems to be the root of this guy’s opportunity to install a big-tailed wolf. I shook my head with a wry smile and put the phone down.
"Didi …" Just put the phone on, and it rang again. "Grass, this guy keeps loading up." I picked up the phone and looked at it. There are several numbers behind it. "Hey" I pressed the answer key. "Little brother, I’m Yang Jun." That first vigorous man "Yang Jun? Oh, hello, Yang Zong. What can I do for you? "I recognized the other voice.
"Little brother, you are really amazing. I went to the hospital with my girlfriend this afternoon. At first, the hospital said it was too short to do the examination. Later, I couldn’t find someone to do a puncture positive. You are really a man of god." Yang Zong’s words were full of uncontrollable excitement
I didn’t understand what puncture was positive at that time, but when I heard the happy voice from the other party, I should have taken the woman to the hospital for an examination. The result was pregnant. I couldn’t help but feel a lot tougher when I thought of this. "That’s natural. I won’t be mistaken." I secretly took a breath. If I’m not pregnant, I’m still holding someone to send a mobile phone here. Is this true or not?
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, I’ve been calling you since dinner, but you haven’t answered," Yang Zong said.
"What a fart! I thought I was grinding my teeth in the auditorium when you were talking."
"Yang Zong, do you have anything else?" I don’t like Yang Zong very much, and I can’t tell you why.
"Little brother, I want to ask you what we need to pay attention to during pregnancy?" Yang Zong asked, "I’m not a physiologist. How do I know what you should pay attention to?" I answered half jokingly.
"Not a little brother, didn’t you say what I rushed the crow? I’m worried that my child will have something to ask you. "Yang Zonggen doesn’t know what it is to say that Bi Yuewu’s lips are not right.
"Oh, it’s nothing to do more charity at ordinary times," I said smoothly, thinking and adding a few words, "Your ex-wife gave birth to a son, but she still misses you. You should give your ex-wife more money and burn more paper money for your dead son, otherwise he will blame you for marrying your girlfriend, but you can’t have sex before the child is born." I said seriously.
"What? Ok, what else do you need to pay attention to? " I guess my answer surprised him.
"I didn’t have Yang Zong, so I did it in advance." I hung up hurriedly and finally couldn’t hold back my laughter. It’s right to travel for good deeds, but I’ll add that those points are purely my tricks. I can’t help laughing at the thought that Yang Zong can’t make out with women for nearly ten months. Haha, this guy doesn’t want women to have children. He doesn’t give a shit.
Because of my "excellent" performance in the auditorium, I was cautious for a while, and I lived quietly. It wasn’t long before King Kong cannon came back from my hometown and gave me more than 30 kilograms of air-dried sausage. I couldn’t finish eating most of it and gave it away, but I mixed up a good relationship.
"Who do you learn from when you look at fortune?" He asked, it’s another Tuesday, and the king kong cannon came to chew bones again. This guy learned his lesson and came to help me light the fire. I guess he was trying to supervise me whether to put salt or not.
"Just take it out of the grave. I want you to learn it, but you can see that I have several dustpans and buckets." I turned the bones in the pot with a spoon.
"At that time, how did I know that I could learn so much? Why don’t you try me again and see if I can learn?" He grabbed my hand and put it in front of his eyes, squinting at it.
I deliberately restrained my breath and looked at him with a smile.
A long time ago, "I saw colorful", this guy made up his mind. At most, I just gave off a reddish smell and was deliberately hidden by me. What else did this guy say about colorful?
"You and I avalokitesvara are still colorful." I withdraw my hand and criticise.
"Old in you must teach me you think about it. I’ll also learn that we can come back together and kill them all …"
I can give a wry smile to this chubby guy, but then again, the gas-watching spell was discovered by me and him. If I really didn’t teach him, it didn’t seem to make sense. Later, I was really entangled in him, so I chose some simple methods to watch gas and resist gas, and wrote them to him. I didn’t forget to add, "Don’t help people look around without my consent."
"Don’t worry, I’ll listen to you," he said, riding his big golden deer and running away quickly