"Who gave you Bisan Jintong?" I didn’t meet Ye Aofeng, but asked an important question again. Who is the person who sent Bi Shan Jin Tong to Ye Aofeng?

"Bi Shan Jin Tong is a gift from the leader of Gongbao, Biyou Palace." Ye Aofeng looked east and bowed his head.
"When I went to Biyou Palace to protect my brother Ziqi, there were thousands of leaders. Why didn’t I save others and save you?" I feel very dizzy at the moment, and all this shows that Ye Ao’s words are highly credible, which means that he does have the support of his ancestors.
"Although there are a large number of cut-and-teach brothers, I haven’t practiced the mountain-moving tactic much. I’m also born with a golden brother …"
Chapter 427 Fighters
"What about being born with a golden life?" I frown and ask Ye Aofeng, the ram leaning against the wind, all belong to the celestial life case, while we and others belong to the five elements, not the celestial life case.
"The leader wants to send someone to save me because he has something important to entrust." Ye Aofeng smiled proudly.
"The leader asked you to manipulate the anti-God artifact?" I asked frowning.
Ye Aofeng gave me a positive answer, "For people like me who can manipulate metals and have a natural golden destiny, they can make the mountain-moving spell turn against the sky."
As far as I know, it is not impossible for Ye Aofeng to say that the fate artifact should be made of some kind of metal, but then the problem arises. If Ye Aofeng says it is true, Kong Bao and I can’t start the fate artifact even when we enter the imperial tomb, which I didn’t expect before.
"What are the seven Gu Jian?" I tried to calm myself down and asked
"Without those seven Gu Jian’s, you can’t enter the main tomb. The leader has sent someone to enter the tomb to get rid of the east wind." Ye Aofeng is no longer hiding me at the moment. He will answer all my questions and give me no excuse to go back on my word. According to the previous agreement, he answered my questions and I will give him Gu Jian.
At this moment, I finally connected all the clues, and a clear picture emerged in my mind. The twelve intercepting brothers stole the lead box, which contained a part of the fate artifact. They killed all the guardians of the three religions and then carried the lead box into the imperial tomb. One brother died in each card, and the twelve intercepting brothers just broke the twelve cards in the imperial tomb. Then it should be Ye Aofeng who took charge of finding seven pieces, putting Gu Jian into the main tomb, combining the fate artifact into two and one, and then opening the artifact to reverse the dry Kun.
Don’t ask, don’t know, this figurine planner is naturally the founder of Tongtian Sect, otherwise, it is impossible for the younger brother to carry out this kind of suicide action. Why don’t you kiss the tomb of Tongtian Sect or personally look for seven Gu Jian is still unknown, but as far as I guess, the answer is likely to be that the main tomb of Qin Dynasty Tomb is divided with Tongtian Sect, why do you want Yuan Tianzun, too old gentleman Sakyamuni? This is clear to the four of them, and Ye Aofeng may also know a little fur, but he will never say it because it means his success or failure.
"Do you have any questions about taking the wind?" Ye aofeng saw me for a long time without words and asked.
"Ye Aofeng, you can’t finish it." I couldn’t help but shake my head with a wry smile.
"Do you want to go back on your word by riding the wind?" Ye aofeng trembling nose drink to ask
"You haven’t been to the underground palace of the imperial tomb. There are many things that you don’t know. The twelve intercepted brothers didn’t break the twelve cards in the imperial tomb. They broke three cards and nine people were trapped and died in the fourth card. Even if I gave you Gu Jian, you couldn’t break the remaining nine cards." I told Ye Aofeng the truth about the situation in the imperial tomb. Ye Aofeng didn’t go to the imperial tomb until he found all the Gu Jian, so he didn’t know that there were still nine cards left in it. He finally naively thought that he would be able to find seven Gu Jian and easily go in to start the fate artifact.
"How do you know these things?" Ye Aofeng asked him in amazement. Shuang Yi said this sentence. It seems to him that I shouldn’t know that the twelve intercepted brothers were surprised that I could guess this matter. Second, I doubted that the tomb was twelve broken and three broken.
"Lin Yicheng also knows that you can go to him to verify this matter. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the imperial tomb to see what actually happened." I smiled bitterly. Lin Yicheng’s father and two uncles had been to the imperial tomb in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and Lao Li brought back a diary to record what they saw and heard in the imperial tomb, but Lin Yicheng would definitely not take the initiative to tell Ye Aofeng about these things.
Ye Aofeng stunned for a long time. I could see that he was very excited and things changed beyond his expectation.
"Anyway, you want to give me your Gu Jian." Ye Aofeng finally recovered. What he missed most was the Gu Jian in my hand.
"I will give it to you when you visit the mountain in Ziyang in half a month." Since I got something from him, I naturally have to honor my promise.
"Why wait so long?" Ye Aofeng is worried about big sleep
"In this period, you can verify my statement and then we can make a deal." I looked at Ye Aofeng seriously. Once upon a time, Ye Aofeng wanted to make a deal with me, and as a result, I scolded him. Now it’s my turn to make a deal with him.
"You say" Ye Aofeng said with a frown.
"Now is not the time. I will tell you in half a month," I said.
"I’ll consider it now," Ye Aofeng asked
"After half a month, if I’m in a good mood, I can help you get into the mausoleum and break the battle array. I’m at the peak now. It’s a purple atmosphere. The chances of success will be greater if we help you, but we won’t help you for no reason. If the fate artifact really works, we’ll do it again. If the fate artifact doesn’t work, you can come back to Ziyang with me. If I’m in a bad mood after half a month, I’ll give you the Gu Jian, but you have to let me see you enter the mausoleum with my own eyes." I reached out
I made this arrangement in the hope that I would handle a chore in the last half month and then go to the East China Sea islands for a walk. If I can find a panacea to prolong the life of King Kong Gun and Mu Zhuifeng, then I will throw Gu Jian to Ye Aofeng and let him die. If we can’t find a way to prolong the life of King Kong Gun and Mu Zhuifeng in the East China Sea, I can choose to cooperate with Ye Aofeng. If the anti-God artifact really works, it means that everything is arranged by my ancestors. If the anti-God artifact doesn’t work, Ye Aofeng will have to come back to Ziyang with me to die.
"yes!" Ye Aofeng thought for a long time and nodded in agreement. "After half a month, I will go to Ziyang to find you with a sword." Ye Aofeng said and raised my hand and made a gesture at those mercenaries with night vision goggles.
I didn’t expect that his gesture led to a series of vicious consequences.
"Old to jump!"
"Bang bang …"
As Ye Aofeng raised his hand, the land of my foot suddenly cracked. At the same time, the sound of King Kong cannon came up behind me. I jumped into the crack and watched a bullet run through Ye Aofeng’s left chest and knocked him down. Then the gunshot was Ye Aofeng’s hand mercenaries fighting back at the first gunshot position.
The sudden situation frustrated me. Ye Aofeng and I were not close to the crowd. They couldn’t hear our conversation. They could see us moving. This situation is likely to be that the King Kong cannon saw Ye Aofeng raise his hand and the two men talked about it. This was the only way to rush to crack the ground and crack the ground. I escaped and he quietly stunned a mercenary. Naturally, it was not difficult to grab a gun and shoot it.
Bend down and sneak up on time to get to the hiding place of King Kong cannon.
"How’s my performance?" Seeing that I escaped safely, King Kong Cannon couldn’t wait to show my merit. To be fair, King Kong Cannon had previously cracked the spell on the ground, and I hid and shouted. At the same time, I shot Ye Aofeng in the heart. This series of movements can be said to be perfect. I haven’t seen him with such witty performance and ecstasy marksmanship. Unfortunately, he is wrong. I have already made a deal with Ye Aofeng, and everything is over with him.
"Why do you look at me like this …"
Chapter 42 Three days
"Why did you kill him?" I sigh for a long time and shake my head again and again. If what Ye Aofeng said is true, when he dies, King Kong cannon and I will go against the law.
"Didn’t you say you’d kill him if you had the chance?" The King Kong cannon detective rummaged through the mercenary who was knocked unconscious by him. Ten rounds of sniper rifles in his hand were quickly exhausted.
I looked down at the mercenary and shook his head again. It showed superhuman wisdom to stun the mercenary instead of killing him. I was worried that he would be noticed by Ye Aofeng after his out-of-body experience, and I would praise him before doing it, but this time he really helped.
"Why is this?" King Kong cannon didn’t touch the sniper rifle, threw away the rifle backhand and pulled out the mercenary’s waist May 4th hand.
"You killed Ye Aofeng, and everything is over." I shook my head and said that it was no loss for me to kill Ye Aofeng with the King Kong cannon. The biggest loss was that his own posterior route was gone.
"I don’t know where that guy is. I’m still a gun code." It took a long time for King Kong cannon to react with consternation.
"Alas …" I shook my head. It’s okay to blame him when things come to this point. He is also my good.