Hearing Heathcliff’s words, the scolding suddenly died down, and everyone was incredibly looking forward to the collapse phenomenon.
"Are you kidding …" Tooth king wait for a while said.
How can a person who is seriously ill and will die at any time in reality come to play this game and be dying? Why not enjoy the world but come to the front line where there is danger at any time?
He can’t figure it out or understand it.
Tilberu looked at Xiang deeply. There is no time more eager for the game of Raiders than now. He has made up his mind that even if Xiang is away, he will lead the rest to break the cage.
And Asina stared at the tug-of-war with her head down.
"No … no"
She recalled the scene where she usually got along with Xiang, thinking that the man spoke in an optimistic tone, and it was impossible to ridicule the words.
"It’s a pity that you will never get a chance to see the end of the world," Heathcliff, who has been rigorous and calm, said in an erratic tone for the first time
Xiang slowly looked up and his eyes were full of the light of never giving up, while Heathcliff stared at him quietly, perhaps for a few seconds or a few minutes. Once Xiang’s heart rate line in the real world turned into a straight line, the fake body in the game would dissipate.
In order to save him, he denied that he could still have a rescue environment when he was wearing a method to get out of the game hood.
At this moment, people are coming and going on the fiftieth floor street. A petite girl in a green cloak is wandering through the crowd.
Suddenly the petite girl stopped.
Argo covered her chest and frowned slightly. Just now, she felt a inexplicable throb, which was a fleeting feeling.
She suddenly realized something and couldn’t help looking in the maze direction. After a while, she opened the friend list and found that the name of the person who cared was still bright, and she was relieved.
She whispered once again into the crowd.
Chapter 23
⊙⊙ Wow 3 words
At this time, Xiang’s intensive care unit in the Capital Key Hospital is in a state of chicken flying and dog jumping. Several black bodyguards outside the ward are all dignified. The first bodyguard captain is talking on a mobile phone. When his father calls for less than half a minute, he hangs up and looks at the ward and closes the door. He can’t help but sigh.
"Master Captain Xiang …" One of the bodyguards in front of the door was awkward.
The bodyguard captain glanced at him coldly and said, "Speak less and do more."
"Yes," the bodyguard suddenly stood up straight.
The bodyguard captain turned his eyes away from the door and looked at the wide corridor. It is estimated that the boss will come from that corridor in a hurry before long.
Thinking of the young master who has been lying in bed since childhood, the bodyguard captain suddenly sighed deeply in his heart. He is so kind and gentle, but the young master will encounter such misfortune.
Being an intensive care unit not only has excellent care for 24 hours a day, but also has the highest level of rescue environment in the equipment ward.
At first, the nurse informed Dr. Long Qi immediately after discovering something was wrong, and the latter arrived at the ward from the office in less than a minute, which can be described as wind and fire.
As soon as he entered the ward, he saw that the heart rate of the instrument was fluctuating at a very fast speed, and even the instrument for detecting brain waves presented an extremely dangerous situation
Panic Yu Longqi lived up to the name of the elite doctor in the largest hospital in the capital and immediately began to implement rescue measures to rescue Xiang, who was likely to die every second.
The hidden trouble he had been worried about finally broke out more than half a year ago. Xiang’s illness did not recover, but it lurked for some inexplicable reason, but now it suddenly broke out
"damn it"
While trying to pull Xiang back from the hand of death, he kept cursing Xiang. Why not just die in the game? He had to make him tremble every day. Although he cursed with vicious words, he also expected Xiang’s will to survive to be strong enough, because that was the most important point.
All the necessary measures have been implemented. Long Qi can be said to have used the fastest efficiency in his life. It took him less than five minutes to complete the rescue procedure that needed half an hour step by step. After that, he looked at the instrument and the nurse looked worried.
One second, two seconds, three seconds … ten seconds later
The ward fell into a deep sleep, and the breath was smooth in vain, and all kinds of values of precision instruments returned to normal.
Long Qi immediately collapsed and sat on the floor. The nurses could see the rich joy and excitement in each other’s eyes. Once they had an encounter, they dared not make a hullabaloo about even though they were excited.
Just then the door came to open the door in a hurry. A middle-aged man with a gentle temperament joined hands with a middle-aged belle and broke into the ward.
After the man came in, he didn’t even glance at the doctor sitting on the ground to show the numerical value to the instrument, while the belle ran to the window with tears in her eyes and stroked Xiang’s pale cheek gently like suet.
"What’s the matter?" The middle-aged man looked away from the instrument and hurried up. Long Qi’s majesty came to mind.
Long Qi suddenly felt familiar with the oppressive feeling and couldn’t help but hang his head and report clearly, "Your father’s illness suddenly broke out, but he is out of danger now when his will to survive is strong and he has to be rescued, but … according to this situation, the situation is not optimistic, and it is very likely that your father will be in the next half month …"
The middle-aged man shook his eyebrows and clenched his hands into a fist. "Go outside and wait for orders."
"Yes," said Dr. Long Qi, who dared not directly lead the nurse out without saying anything.
"Madam, don’t think too much."
After they went out, the middle-aged man reached out and put his hand on the shoulder of the middle-aged belle to comfort him
"I want to stay here with Xiaoxiang." The middle-aged belle gazed at Xiaoxiang piteously.
Middle-aged men should say "good" after a short silence.
Both of them are in important positions, and there are a lot of things they need to deal with every day, but at this moment, those things are all forgotten.