The king of hot hell has contributed the essence of fire to Sun Hao, and Sun Hao has swallowed it with great enthusiasm.

You Zeng Wang, a scorching hell in Zhongda University, fell into Mars and was able to refine Sun Hao’s mind. The level of the ancient fiend’s ghost is equivalent to that of Da Youhua, and he is still male.
However, in the end, Sun Hao chose to give Wang Huo Jing, a great scorching hell tour, to the miraculous inflammation, which is rare. He is very eager for the spiritual fire, so he can simply become a miraculous inflammation and see what magical changes he can make.
Rushing into the scorching hell to kill the queen Sun Hao of Youzeng is also vaguely white, even if the strength of the ancient gods and demons reaches a certain stage, it will be more difficult to go again.
Strength of mind is a proof.
The strength of Dayou Epiphyllum’s fascination should be the strength of ancient gods and ancient demons. Sun Hao’s fascination in hell is the strongest, but it is just as good as Dayou Epiphyllum’s. This is proof.
It is estimated that even ancient gods or demons can surpass the level of Dayou Epiphyllum, and there will not be too many residual souls.
But if you think about it, you will understand Dapeng Golden Winged Birds, extinct gold silkworm and Taikoo Lei Shou. They were all able to dominate the sky and the sky in Archaean times. It is really not too much, and it is quite rare for the ancient gods and demons to have a big epiphyllum, which is slightly better than them, and Sun Hao has received more than one.
If it weren’t for Sun Hao of Halloween Palace, where would he go to find such a powerful spirit and come back?
Sun Hao has broken through the first seven hot hells, and then Sun Hao has rushed into the third cold hell, the cold hell. The fourth cold hell, Gepo Hell; The fifth cold hell, tiger tiger bitch hell
A common feature of the three cold hells is that one is more frozen than the other, Sun Hao, who is bitter and cold. At most, he can pronounce individual syllables and cannot speak at all. Even the border shepherd can’t be lucky and can’t even bark.
There are many ghosts with ice properties wandering in the three cold hells. When they see Sun Hao’s team, they will attack.
In every cold hell, Sun Hao will be bitter before sweet, killed first and then killed, and searched step by step to explore.
After being killed several times and killing ghosts, Sun Hao harvested a large number of frost crystals, most of which were swallowed by ice silkworm in ancient times and slowly digested.
When he was killed from the fifth cold hell, Huhupo Hell, he absorbed a lot of ice. After crystallization, ice silkworm actually spit out thick ice filaments and wrapped himself up over Sun Hao’s head.
Ice silkworm can spin silk!
And ice silkworm can cocoon, which really surprised Sun Hao.
In the ancient books, ice silkworm’s eternal life will not break the cocoon of become a butterfly like other silkworms, but I didn’t expect that ice silkworm, who knew the eternal life in the sea, had a magical change
This is really a pleasant surprise
Practice has proved that ice silkworm is not the ultimate form of ice silkworm, but ice silkworm can also become stronger, and it may be that ice silkworm, an energy demander, can’t absorb enough energy to cocoon itself.
The unique environment of the cold hell in Halloween Palace has cocooned ice silkworm in ancient times. Perhaps Sun Hao is full of expectations for emerging from the cocoon ~ ~
Chapter 121 Red-violet become a butterfly II
After killing three layers of cold hell, Sun Hao also got a great harvest, that is, three guards of cold hell fell out of the cold crystal after being killed, and sure enough, there were ancient true gods and true demons left behind to like them.
And the level is not low.
There is a ghost in the fifth cold hell, which is a strength that is a little different from that of Dayou Epiphyllum, and the gender is also male 3.
If you don’t find a suitable and better soul source, this remnant soul is enough.
Of course, the chances of Halloween Palace may lead to a better soul source, which is not necessarily why Sun Hao is not in a hurry to put away the soul source and move on.
When the conditions for soul transformation have been completed, wait for stability and find a suitable place before you can relax and complete your last soul transformation.
The ghost of the fifth cold hell is a demon soul. Sun Hao had better find an ancient god’s true soul, so that his deputy soul is a real demon and really fascinated, and he will definitely be able to lead himself and his seven spirits.
Without him, there would be a great epiphyllum to replace the ancient gods and true souls.
It can be said that Sun Hao’s biggest goal of swinging the Halloween Palace in the Hell Road has been completed before.
Helping Xiaolan to refine the liquid medicine has been completed, and the appropriate soul source has also been found.
Sun Hao can consider quietly retreating if he has to encounter difficulties once he goes out from the Hell Road.
Of course, Sun Haoxian has just reached the fifth cold hell, and there are still a few more to break through. Maybe there will be a stronger, more powerful and more suitable soul source inside.
After the fifth cold hell, there is no doubt that it is the sixth hell; The seventh cold hell, Potomac Hell; Di mo bo te mo hell
The three cold hells come down in one continuous line and are interrelated. One common feature is that after Sun Hao entered the middle school, the frozen parts of his body blossomed as if he were filled with lotus flowers.
In the sixth cold hell, the three bodies of Sun Hao bloomed in the hell, and the blue lotus flowers kept coming out, and the flesh was frozen into pieces of blood ice and attached to the three people.
The seventh cold hell, Potomac Hell, is another scene. Lotus flowers still appear in the frozen parts of the body, but the color has changed from bright to red directly.
In the coldest hell, Mohamad, Sun Hao couldn’t see the shape of people, and all he saw was a huge red lotus running around.
The little fire is the same, and the red lotus is blooming. However, as before, after seeing Sun Hao and the little fire, the little fire swore that he would be a good dog full of benevolence and kindness.
Ten levels of hell scared the shit out of dogs!
The last three cold hells are also densely covered with ghosts, but because of the particularity of the three cold hells, all the ghosts here have become lotus shapes.
The sixth cold hell ghost is that utpala has a certain chance of falling violet after being killed. Once it falls, violet will still come back to life, but after the resurrection, it will lose its powerful ice and cold attack power and action ability.
The seventh cold hell is similar to the sixth cold hell, but there is a red lotus falling, but a red lotus.
On what kind of lotus is condensed with strong ice and cold energy, which has a strong attraction to cocoon melting in ice silkworm and ice silkworm.
Sun Hao is not stingy, and most of the lotus flowers are devoted to the soul of ice silkworm in the ages.