Jia Xu shore asked, "Miss Lu, are you really not going to go back to Luoyang with us?"

Lu Lingqi shook her head and said with a smile, "Mr. Wen and I have calmed down the Red Rabbit, and it will return to Luoyang with you. Zhao Long and I still have some personal matters unresolved. If I don’t die, I will return to Luoyang. If I am less skilled and die in the hands of Zhao Long … then I will die and regret it."
Jia Xu said, "Miss Lu, it’s too dangerous for you to do this. It’s really not white for you. Do you have to fight and kill Zhao Long? Is it not good to go back to Luoyang? "
Lu Lingqi said with a smile, "Mr. Wenhe, you are a civil servant and counselor, and you don’t understand fighters. I have to win Zhao Long or I will regret it for life."
Lu Lingqi picked up the paddle and rowed a small wooden boat like a left arrow and quickly rushed across the river.
Jia Xu looked at Addis figure and said, "Is it so important for fighters to win or lose? It’s really a mess. Don’t die. Zhao Long has it. "
Sunset breeze bamboo forest
Zhao Yun and Sun Ce walked in the bamboo forest to exchange ideas and practice. Zhao Yun will follow Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang to leave Jiangdong for Yizhou one day.
Zhaoyun one leng looking at the female in black in the bamboo forest ahead.
Sun Ce also looked at her.
Zhao Yunxiao said, "Miss Lu, I haven’t seen you for a few days. Your rapid progress in martial arts has given me a sense of oppression. Congratulations."
Lu Lingqi said quietly, "I haven’t seen you for some days. Today, I’m not a military commander of the imperial court, but a pure warrior who has come to challenge you in Zhao Long. By the way, I haven’t asked you if this strong man around you is sacred?"
Zhao Yun said, "Jiangdong bully Sun Ce Sun Bofu"
Lu Lingqi nodded. "So that’s it, General Sun Bofu. It’s easy for you to kill me together with Zhao Long. I can say that."
Sun Ce ha ha a smile. "Miss Lu, you are not worried that I will make moves. Since you are a pure fighter, Sun Mou welcomes you to Jiangdong. Fighting with Dragon Brother is your private affair and Sun Mou will never intervene with me."
Lu Lingqi nodded, "That’s good."
She was afraid of Sun Ce’s hand.
Addis took a deep breath, crouched slightly, pulled the boxing frame, and stared at Zhao Yun, Zhao Yunbai. Addis wanted to fight unarmed with her own hands.
Unarmed combat is the most primitive way of fighting.
It can best test a person’s martial arts.
Ling-qi Lu, Zhao Long’s gun skill, has already learned it. Of course, she hopes to learn another boxing skill.
Be Addis eyes a stare Zhao Yunshen hair stood up.
Sun Ce stepped back and said with a dignified face, "Long Xiong be careful."
Zhaoyun walked slowly to Addis, and his speed became faster and faster until finally he left a few ghosting images in his figure.
Without the silver gun, Zhao Long is still strong, and he is not afraid of the challenge of Addis Ababa.
Zhaoyun took a palm to Addis.
Strength and speed have reached the level of Zhao Yun, and a casual palm has great power, not to mention Zhao Yun is also proficient in boxing and palm-playing.
Lu Lingqi’s eyes didn’t fluctuate at all. Raising my hand was a punch.
The fist-palm collision clearly shows that the "ripple" ripples to the bamboo part of Fiona Fang Sanzhang, which is shattered by gas strength.
Addis looked at Zhao Long and said with a smile, "The third layer of health promotion? It’s so powerful, but Zhao Long, if you want to beat me with such strength, it’s even impossible. You can also take a punch from me and try it. "
Chapter 633 Deadly and biased
Addis was stunned by Zhao Yun’s palm, but instead of being injured, she felt carefree.
She punched Zhao Yun, and her fist was like a shell with unparalleled impact.
Zhaoyun take a step back and use her right hand to exert feminine strength to resolve her fist strength. Addis sneered, "Is it feminine strength again? Zhao Long, it’s ridiculous that a big man should try his best to be feminine like a woman. "
Men should be masculine, even if boxing is still masculine. This is only reasonable. Women should be feminine, but Addis and Zhao Long are just the opposite.
Boxing style with the warrior’s mind and character, Lu Lingqi, a woman actually likes to display masculine boxing.
Lu Lingqi satirized Zhao Yun at all. He smiled and said, "It is the right way to be soft for a long time."
Lu Lingqi sneered, "No, you, Zhao Longlai, preach that I am a master of boxing who knows boxing better than you!"
Zhaoyun takes a step back and Addis takes a step forward. Her energy has reached its peak, and her blood seems to be burning.
Lu Lingqi broke out and pressed Zhao Yun to fight.
And zhaoyun offensive and defensive seemingly fruity Addis every move he blocked, but next to Sun Ce know real zhaoyun is a scruple mind.
Addis drank her right arm with a charming fist, just like Strafe whipped Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun unloaded ninety percent of her strength and left ten percent of her attack power, and still beat him a little chest tightness.