"Hehehe ~!" Hear Simon Biao blood and nine heavy two people in the bickering in recent years, can’t help but be giggled.

"Don’t pull it!" To get back to the point, "this tidal seashell needs special mosaic technology to be embedded in players’ boots. Now, you should combine all blacksmith players in your alliance and come to my misty city to learn special mosaic technology!"
"good!" The two hung up the voice communication and immediately took action to call the players.
Twenty minutes later, Simon Biao Xue and Butterfly Lovers successively called Jiuzhong and told Jiuzhong that they had taken people to the misty city.
At this time, Jiuzhong has already finished processing the things at hand and directly moved to the ethereal city after receiving the call from two people.
Back to the west gate of the misty city, the blood and the butterfly flowers meet, and it’s not too much nonsense. As soon as possible, the mosaic technology of tidal seashells made of water-repellent Dan formula has been given to the pharmacists and blacksmiths of Hongwu Alliance and Halloween Alliance.
The tide seashell mosaic technology is directly taught by Xia Dongdong, a master refiner. The teaching process is very fast and complete quickly.
However, it took a lot of time and hours for the pharmacists in Hongwu Alliance and Halloween Alliance to learn the formula one by one.
After the end of the course, everyone will go back to their homes, find their mothers, go to Jiuchong, return to Atlantis again, and send the players of Hongwu League and All Saints League home to prepare for it, while Jiuzhong, the player of the Holy League, will let them station in Atlantis to guard the safety of Atlantis.
After all this busy, it’s almost ten o’clock in the evening. "Boy, it’s been a long time to toss about the equipment of the marine forces. The beautiful women are willing to wait for the capital at home!"
Had a stretch nine heavy immediately to move back to baimu city winter palace with daughters Hu-day Alakazam, but then suddenly someone stopped him.
"Holy leader and so on!" With the cry, a female player leads a very uncoordinated rough demon to Jiuzhong.
At first glance, Jiuzhong found that the female player was actually a big beauty, and she was very beautiful. She immediately stopped sending a face and asked, "Is the girl calling me?" !”
“……!” The female player’s expression froze and then said, "Yes! Self-introduction-I am Ao Xue Han Mei, president of Ao Xue Club! "
"A proud snow and a cold plum … hmm!" Nine heavy shoulder way "this name is also very beautiful, you really bring out the best in each other! Are you looking for me so late at night to have something to do with me? !”
Seriously, after a few words, I will show my true colors again.
“……!” Ao Xue Han Mei’s expression froze again and then said, "I heard that you seem to be looking for the Five Elements Heart, don’t you?" !”
"Five elements of heart …!" Nine-fold expression Zheng nodded. "Yes, I am looking for it! Why do you have this question? Do you know that the five elements are falling? !”
"I didn’t know it, but I got one of the five elements by chance!"
"What kind? !”
"Life heart!"
"Life heart! I don’t have this! " Nine heavy very curious asked "how did you get this life heart? !”
"This … it’s a long story! It’s always a mistake to get the gift of Nu Wa, which is the heart of life! "
"… hmm!" Nine nodded. "Nu Wa is known as the God of Life in our Chinese mythology. It is very possible that he has a heart of life in his hand! It’s really not good to be pitied by the goddess Nu Wa! "
"Ha ha, what’s wrong with being nice? I got this life. In fact, there is not much wrong with me, that is, I have greatly increased the blood limit and the speed of blood return!"
"This is not much? !” Jiuzhong looked at Aoxue Hanmei and blinked. "Your vision is really high!"
"I’m serious!" A proud snow cold plum is very serious. "My strength is limited, and now this level won’t improve much! This heart of life is a little buried in my hands! But then I heard that you, the holy leader, are also looking for these five elements. Surely there must be a great way? !”
"Of course!" It’s not a secret that Jiuzhong is looking for the Five Elements Mind. Many people know it, but he and Shen Yue know it. Others don’t know. "If I can work together with the Five Elements Mind, my strength can be further improved!"
“……!” A proud snow cold plum expression paused "turns out to be so! Then I will give this heart of life to you, the holy ally! "
"Give it to me? !” Jiuzhong was surprised.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-five Product Leishan
"Yes," said Ao Xue Han Mei. "Compared with this life heart in my hand, it can be a sharper blood-returning prop, but now it must be in the sacred leader, and your hand can play its due value. You are the undefeated god of war in our Chinese region, and your strength has been promoted, which is of great significance to our Chinese region."
"Is that so ~?" Jiuzhong was flattered. "I didn’t realize I was so important."
"This is probably because the authorities are obsessed with the beholder."
"That makes sense." Jiuzhong nodded deeply. "I can’t accept such a big gift for nothing. What do you want?"
"I don’t want anything, but …" A proud snow and cold plum turned around and said, "I think the Holy Leader can do me a favor."
"What’s busy? Just ask me if I can help. "
"I think the Holy Leader can help me complete a project. It is too difficult for me to receive this. I hope that the Holy Leader can help me." Ao Xue Hanmei smiled. "If the Holy Leader can help me complete this, I will definitely give my life to both hands."
"Fair and reasonable" asked Jiuzhong. "Tell me, what is it? When will it be finished? Now? "
"It’s a little too late now. Let’s go."
"Call me whenever you want to do it."
"Well, the holy leader has disturbed us, and we will be there or not."
"Be there or be square"
"The sacred party is you bastard pit my day is your death." I hate to say a sentence in my heart, proud of snow and cold plum, and turn away.
"Gee, I didn’t expect such a beautiful woman in Huaxia District to be outstanding ~" Nine times wandered around and looked at the proud snow and cold plum, followed by direct relocation and returned to Baimu City Winter Palace.
Because it is indeed a little late, after returning to the Winter Palace, Jiuzhong didn’t hang out with the girls again, and then went to rest.
At noon the next day, Jiuzhong returned to the game and appeared in the Winter Palace. At first glance, all the women had no line to chat with, and they continued to find something to deal with.
Wanted to think nine heavy a ring calls out the virtual door into the ten layers of hell and comes to the colorful magic to find the medicine refining department to ask about the refining situation of Yishui Dan.
The whole holy alliance is a refined pharmacist, and hundreds of thousands of them are transported at the same time. The efficiency is amazing. It is an early effort, and hundreds of millions of water-repellent pills have been released, which is enough to equip the holy alliance marine forces to maintain their short-term training process.
So Jiuzhong directly refined the first batch of water-repellent pills from the refined pharmacists of the Holy Alliance and swept them away to Atlantis.
The players of the marine forces stationed in the Holy Alliance of Atlantis have been online for a long time, and they have taken a good look at Atlantis when they have no training for the time being, sighing at the magnificent wonders here and almost washing their hearts.
It’s almost because there are men, women and men in this marine force, and it’s a bit difficult to wash your mind.
Jiuzhong first called Wang Baobao, who was hanging out with beautiful players somewhere in the city, and quickly tied up the whole marine army. Then he took out the first batch of water-avoiding pills made by refined pharmacists and gave them to Wang Baobao for him to distribute to the noodle players. He kept them first.
"Why don’t you do it yourself with this kind of nutritional work?" Wang Baobao looked at what a mountain to avoid water Dan complained
Jiuzhong smiled in an ostentatious manner. "Hey, hey, when have you ever seen being the boss doing such a nutritious job?"
"Depend on that, let me do it, and I won’t do it." Wang Baobao is talking with Jiuchong in the face. Some other guild players in the league are talking with one leng and one leng. This new chief is awesome enough to dare to compete with the holy leader, and the players in Hell are accustomed to it because they know that Wang Baobao and Jiuzhong are accustomed to it.
"Well, since you’re not coming, you can let me." Jiuzhong stepped forward and waved to the female players in the queue. "Hey, hey, girls, I’ll send it to you first, and then you can send it to everyone with me, okay?"
"good ~"
"Oh, my God-"Wang Baobao kicked Jiuchong away with one foot on his butt. "You told me to cool off. You said you were the boss. How can you do this kind of work without nutrition? Of course, I still have to come here, girls. Brother ing will send you candy ~"
"…" See Wang Baobao a pig face nine heavy Nai Nai shook his head this.
"Ding Rinrin-Ding Rinrin" Jiuzhong is leisurely watching Wang Baobao work there. Suddenly, the voice communication rang. It’s recent love and Simon’s soaring blood.
Getting through to Butterfly Lovers and Simon’s soaring blood are similar, telling Jiuzhong that players in the marine forces have also been equipped with a certain amount of water-repellent pills for short-term training for a few days.
"Then let them come." This is the agreement made with them before Jiuchong, because after ri, the three major alliance marine forces will inevitably be trained by the joint war station, and they will simply train together to run in with each other, and it is easier to have a tacit understanding when they cooperate with each other after the first war.
About half an hour later, the marine forces of All Saints Alliance and Hongwu Alliance have been tied up in Atlantis, and the water-avoiding pills of the marine forces of the Holy Alliance have been distributed, and the nine-step instructions such as standing by and waiting for orders have been completed.
"Then train horses."
Nine Heavens and One Order, the marine forces of the three major alliances set out together in the water field of Atlantis and entered the deep sea exhibition for the first time.
"Ding Rinrin" Jiu Zhong was following the big troops to watch the drills of the three major leagues’ marine forces. Suddenly, the voice communication rang again. Let’s have a look. "It’s Ao Xue Han Mei Mei. Why didn’t you come to the water war training today?"
Aoxue Hanmei was in Atlantis yesterday because of a beautiful woman. Naturally, she won’t be missed by Wang Baobao, a nymphomaniac, and she was recruited into the marine forces by Wang Baobao at a glance.
"Have you forgotten?" Ao Xue Han Mei said, "I said yesterday that I wanted you to help me do something today, so I didn’t go to military training."