Su Mo came to the courtyard with the ashes of Zhuifeng and buried them beside a peach tree.

"I planted this peach tree with my own hands, and you will be a companion in the future. One day I will sprinkle your ashes with the real blood of Canglang!"
Su Mo’s eyes were slightly bloodshot and stood still beside the peach tree for a long time before slowly turning around.
This turn Su Mo saw a man.
It was a girl in a blood-red robe, very beautiful, not charming, not gorgeous, not wearing makeup, just like walking out of a painting.
Su Mo once lamented that the ancients said it was clear that hibiscus was naturally carved, which must be the case.
Beautiful and vulgar, she just wears a latosolic red robe, but this contrast has formed a unique temperament.
Two years ago, Su Mo came back from going out to see this woman in a coma near the Cang Lang Mountains, fearing that she would be eaten by wild animals and would be brought back.
It wasn’t long before the woman in red woke up and looked around. It didn’t matter if Su Mo asked her name and address, but she didn’t say anything.
The red woman lived here for two years, and Su Mo never drove her away.
There is no one in this mansion. Su Mo is not used to being served, and he takes care of three meals a day by himself.
It seems to him that one more person is nothing but multiple rations.
In the past two years, every time Su Mo made a good meal, he took out a copy and sent it to the door of the red woman. He knocked on the door and left.
The woman in red seldom shows up. Su Mo has never seen her out of the mansion. The two talked for no more than five sentences.
Don’t say Pingyang Town, even Su Fu, no one knows about her.
The female name is Butterfly Moon. She is withdrawn and quiet. Su Mo’s understanding of her is limited to this.
Su Mo doesn’t know when Butterfly Moon is. It’s today behind him. It’s strange to look at his eyes.
Su Mo nodded at her and went back to her room.
When I was in contact with this greeting for two years, both sides had long been accustomed to it, and Su Mo knew that even the butterfly moon would not pay attention to it.
Su Mo closed the door and pulled out the handle from the corner. It was about a foot long and the sharp knife was rusty. I don’t know how long it took.
Su Mo groped for a long time and found a grindstone to sprinkle some water, with a sullen face and cold eyes to sharpen the knife one by one.
It wasn’t long before Su Mo seemed to think of something, pushed the door and looked at the butterfly moon in the courtyard and said, "Butterfly girl, you should rest early today and never leave the room when you hear any sound."
Butterfly Moon is noncommittal and indifferent.
I don’t know if Su Mo suddenly had a strange idea in his heart.
If we talk about temperament and realm, the butterfly moon in front of us is more like a fairy floating out of the dust and indifferent to everything. How can a real fairy get angry and hurt people because a mortal doesn’t kneel?
Of course, the idea flashed through Su Mo and did not enter the heart.
Su Mo took out an altar of wine from the cellar in the courtyard and sealed it with mud. He deliberately spilled some spirits all the way to his room.
Came to the door Su Mo let go, the jar fell and shattered, and the wine splashed with a strong smell.
Butterfly month will look at the whole process with a smile on her mouth.
Sue ink walked into the door is not tight the door left unlocked.
Came to the corner and Sumo continued to sharpen his knife.
Tonight is doomed to be restless
Sumo et al.
Waiting for someone …