Balzaretti asked him, "Do you want to hear the exact words?"

Modric nodded and his teammates nodded around him.
"Well …" balzaretti sighed when he saw their performance, and then he adjusted his tone to imitate the winning tone.
"Tell them to stop fucking nervous! What’s so nervous about? It’s either the Champions League final! It’s no different from other games. It’s still 90 minutes to decide the outcome. If you can’t compare it, you can play overtime or kick a penalty kick if you can’t tell the outcome. What’s the difference between the first five rounds and the general game? Exactly the same! In that case, what is there to be nervous about? ! Now that we have lost all the balls, let alone be nervous. Can we even the score by continuing to be nervous? Strengthen the defense, stabilize the defense line, don’t let them score any more goals, and then seize the opportunity to attack them and resolutely fight them back! Speed up! The ball should be neat! "
Then balzaretti switched back to his own tone and said, "That’s the exact words."
A group of people nodded and dispersed contentedly.
Members of Manchester United, including Ferguson, feel that their goal will make Lazio more nervous, so if they continue to exert pressure, Lazio will soon be defeated by Manchester United because of increasing tension, and another goal will stabilize the game.
But when the game resumed, Ferguson was keenly aware that the situation was not the same as before.
Lazio players are still a little green, but they are not stiff.
In other words, they are no longer nervous.
This is really strange.
Sometimes Lazio is nervous like the first time a woman is a virgin, but they don’t know what tension is …
Don’t let the boy become a man and let him go?
After cristiano ronaldo scored, Ferguson was too busy celebrating the goal with people around him, but he didn’t pay much attention to the next door. He didn’t see Changsheng pulling balzaretti to explain the situation.
Manchester United players soon felt that their opponents were different.
Lazio didn’t appear more flustered after losing the ball. On the contrary, they appeared to be very hierarchical in defense, and they dared to move and dare to ball after taking the ball, unlike before, when they seemed to have no idea what they should do.
Manchester United players are as confused as their manager Ferguson.
That’s why the Lazio player lost a goal and Bidiu did better before the goal.
What is the truth?
When Lazio players gradually released their nervousness, they showed their own characteristics.
That is to make Manchester United players not confident about their technical and tactical advantages.
Gradually, two or three Lazio players appeared in the game to run quickly and accurately, so that more and more cooperation was made and the speed was faster and faster.
After 35 minutes at half-time, Lazio had returned to normal, and they pushed back at Manchester United.
In the strength comparison between the two sides, Manchester United red gradually gave in from the dominant position, and Sky Blue Lazio topped it.
Lazio shot more and they threatened the ball.
At that time, there was danger in front of Manchester United’s goal
If it weren’t for Lazio’s bad luck, Lazio might have equalized the score before the half-time.
In the 36th minute, Fa Erkao once again headed the goal in the penalty area, which was almost the same as cristiano ronaldo’s goal. This time, Van der Sar didn’t react, and the football hit the post!
At that time, many people sighed, and Lazio felt sorry.
In the 40 th minute, Lazio organized another counterattack and quickly ran to the front of Manchester United’s restricted area. Just as everyone took the ball, modric would play the ball, and Manchester United’s defense line had been retreating. When the defense center was behind him, modric suddenly shot a long shot.
Van der Sar slipped and didn’t exert himself when saving, and his whole body didn’t rise. As a result, he could watch the football fly to his goal, and his eyes were full of despair!
"modric-van der Sar slipped! !” The English commentator cried in horror
Not only he, but also Manchester United fans are watching football in horror.
One second may be the moment when the football flies into the goal!
Always staring at football.
By his side, the coaches are all ready to cheer.
But the football hit the crossbar hard!
Bang one!
Even the fans in the stands clearly heard …
The football hit the crossbar, then bounced high and finally landed at the top of the net.
Didn’t get in!
It seems that you can directly hear the breath of Manchester United fans.
At the same time, I also heard the disappointment and exclamation of Lazio fans …
"ah! Beam! The football hit the crossbar directly! Lazio’s luck is too bad … "