Gan Biwu handed him the sealed two banners and worried about the tunnel. "I have you to give me the’ Yin and Yang Concentric Card’ in my hand. I can take you directly back. Your body is not here. Although these two banners are powerful, they have not been refined. Can you? Forget it. We’ll discuss it when we get back, okay? Still don’t take risks. "

She is also worried about Song Chang-geng, afraid that he really has something wrong. After all, this body is too weak, but Song Chang-geng ignored her words and took over two banners. After a look, he had a dispute.
This time, he came out with a magic weapon that was not very powerful, and most of them attacked the magic weapon on a large scale alone, but it was not powerful. These two banners were just right. He put away the’ white bones and wonderful banners’ and then took the’ blood incarnate Yin Bing banners’ in his hand to condense his physical strength and operate [blood nerve]. The whole body immediately turned into a purple flame.
The purple fire spread out, and the cold and cold momentum made others take a step back. Then they saw that the purple fire suddenly rose and wrapped around the’ blood incarnate Yin soldier’s banner’, and then frantically infiltrated it. In an instant, the purple fire disappeared into the banner, and there was a lavender bead and a sapphire lotus suspended with Gan Biwu. At the sight, I couldn’t help but smile.
Ding Chang whispered beside her, "The teacher elder sister, you are really angry when you find this husband. It’s even worse to teach the most dangerous refining method to infiltrate your avatar’s skill and the main body Yuan Shen. I’m afraid he will be trapped in the magic weapon and can’t get out. It’s crazy, but you should be careful if you have something to do or you should persuade him more. After all, you are a family."
If Gan Biwu doesn’t know what she said is correct, he won’t listen to what she said, and he hasn’t officially gone through the door. How can he judge her husband? However, she also appreciates her husband’s daring to do things with a little temper, unlike some people who are afraid of tigers when they encounter things in practice.
Song Chang-geng, their kung fu, has been in the coffin for thousands of years. He sank his Yuan Shen consciousness into the coffin to control the avatar’s skill. This dangerous method is to master the magic weapon quickly. Usually, everyone sacrifices and refines the magic weapon at a time, which takes a long time, but it is very safe and dangerous to go in like him.
The fiftieth volume Huai wall crime Chapter five hundred and seventy-nine Blood incarnate Yin Bing
Different magic weapons have their own characteristics, some of them have their own refining methods. First, they must have special skills. Second, they must have strong skills to suppress the night. They must have a firm will to face all kinds of magic weapons. Everyone usually chooses the gradual refining method. Like him, refining methods are radical, which is known as the magic religion.
Song Chang-geng, on the other hand, relied on the fact that his Yuan God had been concise and determined, and that the purple fire was the combination of good and evil. He was born with the ability to control the blood, evil and yin, and the skill of the incarnation department was enough to dare to be so bold. After Song Chang-geng experienced the illusion in Ziyun Palace, the consciousness of Yuan God changed a little, and now the consciousness of Yuan God has been condensed.
Different from the previous one, Song Chang-geng’s will is firm enough now, but in this banner, he is still almost lost. The main reason why this "blood demon Yin soldier banner" and the other seven banners are called "ghost banner" is that their main body is a piece of "human-god banner" debris manufacturing place.
And the owner of the’ human-god banner’ is a human-god? Although the magic weapon was broken into pieces, its power was still terrible. Plus, when the magic master refined it, he absorbed several soldiers’ souls and flesh. After Song Chang Gung Yuan Shen went in, he was assimilated almost immediately without the protection of purple fire.
When people are in the spirit, they seem to pass quickly, and sometimes they seem to pass slowly. Looking at their different situations, Song Chang-geng seems to have gone through thousands of years after entering the refining device, but it is only a moment outside. He is in the purple fire soldier Yuan Shenshuai and assimilates and refines the Shaqi and Yin soldiers inside.
That is, he once practiced the highest classic of magic religion [blood nerve] and got many magic secrets to control this magic weapon. It is not good to change the red bodhi old zu. He got these two banners, which haven’t been refined for hundreds of years. It can be said that the fate is not enough for everyone to talk for a moment. After a while, I saw that the banner suddenly rose to a height of more than ten feet.
Then a purple fire rose from the banner, and then a general in purple armor rushed out from the inside. Behind him, several purple fires flowed out as if they were mercury, and they rushed directly to the dark clouds to kill them. In the process, the purple fires gradually turned into purple armor, and soldiers automatically arranged in various wars in advance. Many wars formed a big battle array and rushed all the way.
You take a closer look at the original purple armor general who was first rushed out. It turned out to be Song Chang Gung. Seeing that he was motionless in the banner, everyone else knew that he was consciously directing those purple armor soldiers to attack the enemy. A cold atmosphere filled the surrounding area, which made little girls like Dai Xiangying feel uncomfortable. Shuangying seemed to like this atmosphere.
Across the dark clouds, the green bodhi old zu and the young man in black fled back, and the red bodhi old zu was surrounded by the green robe, Bai Man Shandi and the red master Song Changgeng. As soon as they got here, they knew it, but the young man in black didn’t care until Song Changgeng refined the device on the spot and then commanded the Yin soldiers to kill them.
The red bodhi old zu is angry and his magic weapon has been refined by the other side. He is angry and angry. Although he has long known that this magic weapon is powerful, he has been unable to strategize and refine it. Now he really regrets seeing those purple cremation Yin soldiers have rushed to the vicinity of the dark clouds. When they touch the dark clouds, they are burned to a large piece.
This dark cloud is the green robe. My brother is in charge of controlling the green robe. When he saw that he felt lost, he took a small white banner from his waist. His face was covered with bloody runes. When the wind shook, he immediately blamed the wind and a dark cloud poured out like a galloping horse.
The green robe pinched the tactic and shook it several times, and the demon banners cast evil methods. At that time, dark clouds rolled and the phantom of the opera fell in confusion. In this piece, the dark clouds on the sea above Ziyun Palace were thick, and many purple fire Yin soldiers who rushed in were swallowed up. However, Song Changgeng’s’ blood charm Yin soldiers banners’ here seemed to flow out like purple fire.
In fact, these purple fires are not the purple fires that Song Chang-geng just went in and went to his magic teaching practice. After melting his own purple fire, it was transformed into the yin, evil, flesh and blood accumulated inside. It not only has the burning characteristics of purple fire, but also has the corrosiveness of yin, evil and blood. It can be said that this magic weapon has risen a lot in the future, and it is not impossible if it is refined for a long time to become a treasure.
And the dark clouds in the green robe are also evil methods. Two pairs of smoke and purple fire are very vicious, but the young man in black doesn’t seem to have taken it to heart. He doesn’t know that the guy opposite is the person he is looking for, otherwise he would have made moves because when he came back, he said that he couldn’t stop people, which made the young man in black very unhappy and turned his face.
Hong is also a patriarch, and he also has his own ground to see each other unhappy, and he can’t explain that he was defeated by Song Chang Gung and others.
In their own self-esteem, they don’t care about each other’s attitude, so they don’t say anything and miss an opportunity. When they are playing lively, Red Brother has never been idle, constantly playing magic weapons and Yin Lei into the sea.
It seems strange that this piece of sea water produces a black quilt cover with dark clouds, both of which are black and have red masters. The magic weapon and the thunder explosion, Guanghua flashing, are very strange. However, the black in this sea is different from the black in the sea of clouds, and the black is the law defense formed by water gathering forces, showing the mysterious water image in the north.
Seeing that they had been fighting for a while, Ding Chang asked Gan Biwu if he was rushing to support him. Before Gan Biwu could answer, he saw a golden light rushing up in the distant sea. As soon as the light flew out, everyone heard a loud noise and a golden light like a horse’s training, with several thunder fires rushing straight into the dark clouds, and went out of the blue, even shaking the waves of the sea.
The potential is much more fierce than the battle between dark clouds and purple fire. When the thunder and fire came, the dark clouds and evil fog were immediately dispersed, and a large piece of green robe seemed to be hurt by the impact force. In the past, two or three strange noises saw the dark clouds churning, and three green lights flew up from the dark clouds and rushed to the golden light, revealing a beautiful girl. She smiled lightly as if the root would not look at each other.
Song Changgeng glanced at it and wondered if Yang Jin had accompanied her master back to Longxiang Temple. Why are you here again? Although strange, he didn’t care that he was still running big banners to control the attack of purple fire Yin soldiers, while Yang Jin saw each other rushing out of three green lights in the dark clouds and released seven golden leaves with one hand, and then he saw the golden light of thunder and fire flashing.
Then the seven pieces of gold leafing and seven golden lights shot at each other from a distance, and their diseases were as quick as instant. Three green lights kept fighting with these golden lights. In the dark clouds, the green robe looked at Yang Jin bitterly, and the young man in black next to him laughed. "The little girl in green robe is much worse than your skill, but it’s a pity to restrain you. It seems that you are a master."
The green robe’s big head suddenly wants to be malicious, but it reminds me that the other person can’t cope with the gesture. The young man who was about to speak ignored him with his hands behind his back as if he were going for a walk. His body disappeared in a blink of an eye and then he appeared at Yang Jin’s side ten steps away. He looked at her with interest as if he appreciated the gesture.
But Yang Jin feels differently. She feels as if she was stared at by a poisonous snake. She feels cold all over, and the other person’s eyes seem to see through herself. As if she were naked in the other person’s eyes, Yang Jin can clearly feel the lust in the other person’s eyes, and she can’t help but feel a burst of disgust and fear.
When the young man saw that Yang Jin took a Buddha wheel out to protect himself, he smiled lightly as if he were talking to his little sister. "Little girl, I like to receive beautiful women most, but I have never received a Buddha girl. What do you do?"
Yang Jin felt a quiver in her heart. She knew that the other party came from the demon world. Although he may be a nobody in the demon world, he is indeed the most powerful in people. After all, the other party is a Taoist fairy and a Buddhist arhat. The fairy is just like a child in front of him. Although he is limited by the laws of heaven and earth, he is unable to make moves, but he is more than enough to deal with himself.
This young man in black named Wufeng couldn’t help but be satisfied when he saw a flicker of fear in Yang Jin’s eyes. He would continue to talk to each other for a while, and he felt that the Buddha wheel around Yang Jin was full of brilliance. At the same time, a clear female voice sounded in his mind,’ Wufeng, I don’t care if you behave like this in the demon world, but if you dare to provoke us, the Buddha in the Buddhist world will be careful of your snake life.’
The sound seemed to be magical, and when it sounded in his mind, Wu Feng frightened the other party. Before he finished speaking, the sound made him tremble all over, and then his body fell several feet to stabilize him. He immediately knew that Buddhism made the other party’s realm higher than him, and that Buddha was very embarrassed to restrain the demon force, and the girl in front of him seemed to have a mysterious connection with her.
After Bai himself couldn’t deal with the girl, he looked bitterly at Yang Jin’s eyes and turned into a black light. He suddenly appeared in front of the’ Blood Incarnate Yin Bing Ban’. A black light flashed through Song Changgeng’s purple armor body and was immediately cut in two, but the black light was blocked by the’ Blood Incarnate Yin Bing Ban’ and didn’t let it damage the black wind.’ Hey!’ Liaoyi
He was about to make another move and suddenly turned to look. He saw two beautiful palace girls coming to the banner. He saw at a glance that the other party was a Taoist priest and both of them were fairies. If he joined hands, his strength would be limited by the laws of heaven and earth. It is estimated that he would be able to draw a tie. insidious smile, once his body turned, disappeared and suddenly appeared in the dark clouds around the green robe.
The fiftieth volume Huai wall crime Chapter five hundred Ziyun secret meeting
Although the wind still seems to be very leisurely with his hands behind his back, he is suspicious when he comes and feels that the situation seems a little wrong now. Judging from the Buddhist envoy just now, she should be nearby. Has she entered Ziyun Palace? Now a wave of people across the street are even weirder, and two Taoist fairies appear at the same time.
But it’s with a guy who makes magic weapons. Is it true that magic and Tao are United? What about our demon world? This time, the lich kings attach great importance to it. If they don’t do it well, they probably won’t have a chance to enjoy everything. The thought of the cruel law of life in the demon world makes Wu Feng feel cold from his heart and doesn’t want him to know the consequences of failure
But the thought of the present situation gives him a headache again. This man has no foundation to become a climate demon. He relies on humans, but these humans are too bad. He gets angry at the sight of the green robe, but he doesn’t know how to do it well except relying on these guys. Everything is easy to watch. I hope to beat Song Changgeng and make him bend.
While he was thinking, Song Chang-geng also received a spell. In fact, he was not really angry, but a little close to the countryside. He said to Gan Biwu, if you want to agree to serve my wife together, I will treat her equally. But after all, this matter has not been discussed with Qin sisters. He wanted to take this opportunity to buffer himself and think about how to say it.
Moreover, he also wants to take the opportunity to test each other’s strength. To tell the truth, Song Chang Gung is also a big head now. He never thought that the white light is no better, that is, a medium-sized cave is nothing compared with the giant caves of Buddha, Tao, demon and magic. What do so many people have to think about? Or is there any secret in the light that you haven’t revealed?
It was this confusion that made him feel that he should try it out before he knew that the demon world had made the land so powerful that it was his own flesh. I’m afraid it was not his opponent’s. He immediately recovered those purple fire Yin soldiers after Wufeng left, and at the same time, his purple fire concise body returned to normal. In fact, his body was a tangible recovery, but it was just an idea.
Then he called Yang Jin to come over and gestured to Gan Biwu that she should start the "Yin and Yang Concentric Card" and take everyone directly back to Ziyun Palace. Because Song Chang-geng was worried that the other party was better than himself, when others went in, stealth taxiing followed him, which made Gan Biwu consume some skill and take everyone back instantly.
Sure enough, Wufeng really deliberately followed him in and watched them all the time. He didn’t want these people to seem to know each other and get together, so he muttered,’ Are Buddhists involved?’ Then I saw a golden ball rising outside those people and wrapped them all in black wind or defensive cover. I didn’t want to see a person disappear in an instant.
I don’t know about Wu Feng’s confusion and depression, and I’m not in the mood to listen to him. Immediately after he returned to Ziyun Palace, he rolled up his own "dry skyfire spirit beads" and "Wenyu Lotus" and went away. It’s not that he didn’t want to taxiing out, but that he had put all the skills of the avatar department into the "blood charm yin soldier’s complications" to refine the device, and naturally he didn’t have the strength to condense his body.
Flying all the way back to his own side, he will return to the concise subject consciousness, and then run the whole body skill to thoroughly investigate his physical condition. After knowing that everything is all right, he will put the "Bones and Bones" and "Blood Charms and Yin Soldiers" in the flesh belt dry Kun bag, etc. When there is a chance to refine them again, the "Dry Skyfire Lingzhu" and "Wenyu Lotus" will also be put away and slowly recovered.
Then he got up and sat out of the quiet room and saw everyone waiting at the door. He nodded to everyone and said with a smile, "I know everyone is worried about things outside. It’s not convenient for us to talk here."
After that, I asked my brothers to lead the way to the first floor of Dihuang Jing Hall and entered the Huangjing Hall, where the two sides settled down. Because it is located on the first floor and beautifully decorated, this Huangjing Hall has become a banquet hall for Ziyun Palace.
After sitting down and being polite to everyone, Song Chang-geng asked about things outside Qin Ziling, "Today and here, this thing suddenly exploded, and we failed to guard against it in advance. Fortunately, Ziyun Palace came to the bottom of the sea and resisted constantly. Wan Jun’s water pressure defense law has been turning around. Although it has no power to operate, the defense is still very easy."
Although we were caught off guard by the other side’s sudden attack, we all took it. There was no harm. In addition, there happened to be the owner of Yebin Yedao in Admiralty Island and her apprentice Wudang, and half of the old nun and her apprentice passed by here. Now the other side’s abnormality lies. Before the other side attacked us, they suddenly came to warn us.
Because they told us in advance, we didn’t lose anything when the other side attacked, but the ordinary brothers of the Thunder Corps who patrolled outside never reported the alarm and didn’t do it later.
They are estimated to have been wiped out by the other side, except for these ten brothers, the loss base is gone.
Oh! By the way, the owner of Ye Binye Island in Admiralty Island, Little Antarctic, and her apprentice, an old nun in Wudang and her apprentice, I have found a place for them to practice in the palace, and I have just asked Chang Ping to settle them down, but they didn’t come here because the spirit vein of Little Antarctic has been damaged. North China wants to find another abode of fairies to practice.
Passing by the existing evil sect spells near Ziyun Palace, the gathering of dark clouds seems to be to deal with Ziyun Palace. Come and tell us quickly because the outside has been blocked and they haven’t left. I know that’s all. Although our defense force in Ziyun Palace is very strong, I’m really worried if the other side doesn’t stop attacking. "
After hearing Qin Ziling’s introduction, Song Changgeng’s brow could not help but wrinkle up. Now the situation is deadlocked with each other, but he also knows that things are not so simple. As he has just learned, he doesn’t know what to do in the follow-up period. When he is in a dilemma, Yang Jin is worried about the tunnel "Song Daoyou, but is there any retreat?" Can’t we go to the light? "
Song Chang Gung turned to Yang Jin, and Yang Jin knew what he meant, so he returned himself and his master to the Tianya Longxiang Temple to recover. But now the aura in Sichuan has been put away by the Emei Sect, and the aura in Tianya Longxiang Temple has been a little exhausted. The Emei Sect has written a lot this time.
Yang Jin finally said, "My master said that it would take a hundred years to get back to normal there, and if the aura is getting thinner today, it will shrink after the pulse is stabilized. I’m afraid it’s not suitable for us to practice, so we came here. I’m really embarrassed to let Taoist friends fulfill their promise and send us to the light environment for recovery."
It’s a pity that Miss Qin didn’t know how to get in, so we stayed here and didn’t want to be attacked. Because I didn’t know who it was, I volunteered to rush out and see that I didn’t want to meet you unexpectedly. But after a brief encounter just now, I’m afraid I’m still a fairy. If it weren’t for my being a Buddhist middleman, I’m afraid I would be reincarnated again. "
Then she sighed. At this time, a younger brother reported that Ye Bin from Admiralty Island in the Antarctic and Lao Ni from the Wudang side had led their younger brothers to come over. Everyone quickly got up to meet the outgoing walk. Song Changgeng felt that the little girl around Yang Jin was looking at her with a strange look. He couldn’t help wondering who this child was.
When Ye Bin and Half were welcomed in, after everyone sat down again, Song Changgeng thanked the two people and then asked them to get up, only to know that the original half method was to keep Shi Yuzhu’s soul in front of her. As a result, it is now that after the explosion of the’ Seven Wonders of the Stars’, the spirit vein of Xiaonan Pole was damaged and the method was perfected, which made it necessary to come back.
I don’t want to pass by here, but now someone is going to attack before calling the police. After that, Ye Bin took Song Changgeng out and said, "Come, I want to understand this magic weapon for a while, but now Daoyou is a magic weapon in troubled times, and there are many places where I can’t take this treasure. Fortunately, I don’t have to give it back to Daoyou."
Song Chang-gung’s simple courtesy brought back the magic weapon. He also knew that now was the time for these things. At first, he didn’t expect it to be so fast to this Buddhist magic weapon. Looking at Song Chang-gung’s front, he suspended that golden lotus with a golden halo. The whole Huang Jing Dian people couldn’t help but feel calm and give birth to an impulse of courtesy and respect. At first glance, it was a Buddhist treasure.
After he checked that there was nothing wrong, he conveniently received the waist "Bao Ru Yi Dai Li", so that the box inside was full. Besides the Buddha treasure "Fobao Jinlian", there were seven kinds, namely, the green stork bottle, the Taiyi golden scale boat, the God Yu Ling, the mirror of heaven, the nine-setting tripod, the floating figure bone ball and the mysterious and yin gathering animals to refine the soul.
When Song Chang Gung put away the magic weapon, he swept the girl around Yang Jin out of the corner of his eye. It was a little strange to see her magic weapon. He couldn’t help but feel a little confused. After putting it away, he said to everyone, "Just now Yang Daoyou said that he would go to the light environment so as to avoid conflicts. It is actually very difficult if we go there. But how can we get to Qiandi here?
Although my’ Yin and Yang Concentric Brand’ Yang brand can bring people, it can’t bring so many people. When Emei sent an attack on Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea, it was very close to this Ziyun Palace, so everyone could barely support it and bring hundreds of younger brothers here. But I’m afraid it’s impossible to go to the light from here. If I take you there, what’s the point of going there? "