The rat knows us and has no objection to the fact that two uninvited guests have occupied its abode of fairies and immortals. It still has objections, especially when the King Kong cannon snores, which always wakes it up and ears up.

When they came here, they really lived a hard life in the mountains. Huang Ting’s abode of fairies and immortals is a rare place where Yin and Yang coexist. Before the death of the star-gazing Taoist priest, it would be intensified by Yin and Yang, resulting in a change, which shows how full the aura here is.
King Kong cannon and I spend a lot of time practicing meditation every day. He comes to sleep and eats King Kong cannon and eats animal products, but I have already given up those things. Now, Huang Jingsong, Shouwu Lotus and other plants with aura are eating more and more irregularly, and the immortal is getting longer and longer every once in a while. There is a qualitative difference. The former is that the Yuan God is sealed, and the latter is that the body is soaring. Before the body is soaring, it is the easiest to get rid of many turbid substances in the internal organs, but the vulgarity in the flesh and bones is difficult to get rid of, because these things are all common people born with essence and blood.
The quiet life lasted for more than half a year. In this period, both I and King Kong Gun Repair have risen to a certain extent, and the purple gas peak of King Kong Gun has gradually entered the stage of gathering gas and entering the country. After seeing it for a year, the fairy is expected to be unable to bear the loneliness any longer. When practicing meditation, it is less and less, and riding around in the rat mountain all day, killing chickens and driving dogs out to explore the wonders.
King Kong Gun is content with the status quo. I practice very hard. I dare not delay this yin and yang. It has benefited me a lot. The aura is gradually filling up from time to time. It is also a great pleasure for the aura to rise. However, there is always a problem that bothers me all the time. It is necessary to get rid of the turbid qi in the end, and then the body will soar.
One day, King Kong Gun went out to play again from Huangting’s abode of fairies and immortals, leaving me alone. I was meditating and practicing. Suddenly, I heard someone outside the cave talking and asking for help. After returning to the air sea, I straightened up and went out to check and found that there was an old man with a crane staff and white hair outside the cave. This man had no human breath, no animal breath, no soul, no clothes and no earthly things. There was a jujube wooden plate with several red fruits in his hand.
"The real crane has been driving here for a long time, and the landlord has never greeted him. The first ripe cranberries in this mountain have come to visit the real people." The white-haired old man took the lead.
If I was not sure about the identity of this person before, then his words can be regarded as self-reported. This person is probably a land.
"Fairy is here to ride the wind, kowtow to welcome you in, please take a break." I kowtow to welcome guests at the ceremony. The land is divided into parcels after the fairy is in place. To be exact, the two of them are at the same level at present, and the other side is so polite that I feel confused
"At the end of the tiny collectors can’t bear a word. Real people will surely soar in the future." The old land reached out and asked me to go first.
The other party is so polite, I naturally can’t go together after several times of refusal.
In the eyes of the secular world, the low-level immortals such as the land kitchen king are all old people, which is correct because these immortals are all old people and should be sealed. If they are young, they will go to the earth to cultivate immortals. If they are successful, they will soar to a higher level. If they die in the flesh, they can also be a low-level petty official, and the official position of land is many times more than that of all the officials at the end of the seventh officialdom, and their status is quite low.
It’s not the first time for me to deal with immortals, but I haven’t touched the land before such close and positive contact. Although the fairy position is low, it can be regarded as a formal fairy. I still know something about the personnel structure and various rules of the celestial world, and I can just take the opportunity to spy out something about the fairy family.
But since he showed up to meet each other, it’s naturally something. I’d better ask him why he showed up to meet each other first …
Chapter 627 Land Visit
After they met, they could not eat any food on the floor, so I didn’t pour him tea. What’s worse, I didn’t have any tea here.
"The ancient people’s achievements in the future are bound to be limitless before the real man’s weak crown was repaired." The old land put the wooden plate on the side and took the lead.
I’m modest about "the immortal praises the wind and is ashamed"
"The old man’s low status is that he can’t afford to call the old layman’s surname Ge Zhenren by his old surname".
"Being original and vulgar surname Yu Ge Lao can also be called being original and vulgar surname if he doesn’t abandon it." I nodded and smiled. Although I didn’t have a place at this time, I was already a fairy identity and I was naturally willing to make friends with another fairy.
Because both of them had friendly talks, they were very harmonious. It wasn’t long before the land said what it was for. He was a thousand beasts in the mountain to plead for mercy. I hope that the expert of King Kong cannon will stop cutting off his legs and plucking them.
When the old land said this, it was very scared. The land has no body and the spells it holds are limited. It is okay to give ordinary people a dream and a simple cover-up. For the roots of people like King Kong cannons, there is nothing to do.
Recently, King Kong Bao often went out for a walk in the mountains, and I don’t know exactly what he did, because he knows that I hate blood and food, and all of them come back when they are full outside, but during this period, he and his big consumption have gained a lot of weight, so don’t ask, don’t know, the wild animals and birds outside have caused him a lot of harm.
I naturally have to give people a face-to-face promise that I will not allow the king kong cannon to kill the old land in vain unless it is necessary.
I didn’t rush to leave the old land, but I started my family. As the two sides gradually became acquainted, I found that the old land was a chatterbox. This discovery made me feel happy. It’s better to save me from beating around the bush.
The old land was visited by Li Li and stayed until late. Most of it is local conditions and customs. The whole Kunlun Mountain has a vast territory. It is divided into six lands. He is one of them. These lands usually move around each other, and they get together to play chess and get acquainted with each other. When he left, he told me that his temple invited me to be a guest in the past. I would naturally agree to this invitation. If it is the land of Kunlun Mountain, I would have to be close to it.
China and Laos also said something about heaven, but he was sealed by heaven and didn’t stay in heaven for a long time, so he didn’t know much about heaven, but he was very clear about the immortal level and duties
The concept of immortal level refers to the stage of immortal practice, while the position is that the immortal heaven takes office. These two concepts are not the same.
Fairy-level old land seems to be divided into four classes: fairy fairy, fairy fairy, fairy fairy in Jin Xian, fairy in Luo Xiuxiu, who seems to belong to a distant dream and unrealistic, he didn’t get up
The fairy is the fairy land. In other words, "The four immortals of the fairy are also monks who don’t realize that the road flows in a one-sided way. One skill in the dharma is confidence and hard work. The magic performed in the fairyland can inspire people to lead a good day, and it won’t last long."
Immortals are immortals. "Monks realize that the road is full of true qi and virtue, and their bodies soar in the daytime and stay in Gankun forever. By then, their bodies will be clean and can be transformed into enlightenment."
Jin Xian is a fairy. "One or two out of thousands must work hard, be firm and unattainable. When Xuan Huang is clearing up the avenue of heaven and earth and needs to benefit the country and all the people, he can testify that the magic he has done is extremely mysterious and detached from his worries and travel around China."
Luo Jinxian is a great immortal. "If you are born with a destiny and don’t practice, you can get help from the high heaven to guide Gan Kun."
According to the level of spiritual cultivation before his death, the immortals can be divided into the positions of kitchen king, land yin and city god.
There are also subtle differences in the cultivation of immortals. The position of the main celestial department is not very high. The novel Sha Wujing, the sand monk in The Journey to the West, is equivalent to the low-level cultivation of immortals, while the pig quit the pig and realize the ability should be the advanced cultivation of immortals
Jin Xian is mostly a celestial official, and still takes The Journey to the West as an example. Tota King Li Jing and others are Jin Xianxiu. In addition, there is also a mixed fairy in The Journey to the West, which is the owner of the five villages of Ginseng and Fruit Tree Institute. Although this person lives in all places, even Guanyin Bodhisattva has asked him to take a third place. If there is such a person, he should be in such a period that Jin Xian is in transition to pick Jin Xian.
Of course, The Journey to the West is not a Taoist classic, and his deeds are not detailed. The metaphor of the Chinese characters is more intuitive. It is said that Wu Cheng’en, the immortal, was a scholar in Jiajing. He always wanted to be an official, but he didn’t take the imperial examination in the end, so he wrote this novel in his later years. The purpose is to ridicule the state administration office. There is also a dark reason why Buddhism is written higher than Taoism in the novel. That is, Emperor Jiajing believed in Taoism and Wu Cheng’en put foreign religions into Taoism, which means irony and Jiajing. This is also an important reason why it was not able to print at that time.
Not long after the old land left, the King Kong cannon rode back and consumed it. I brought back food.
"Don’t go out and do sth over and over again. The earth god found it today." I took the King Kong cannon and brought back a piece of lotus root.